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Pokhara sightseeing

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Trip Route
Sarankot View Point-Bindhabasini Temple-Davi’s fall-Gupteshwor Cave-Phewa Lake and Barahi Temple-Seti River Gorges-International Mountaineering Museum-Tibetan Refugee Camp


  • Sunrise view from Sarangkot Hill and amazing Annapurna, Machhapuchhre View of Pokhara city, Phewa lake, etc... 
  • Explore the ancient Gupteshwor Cave and Seti Gandaki gorge.
  • Water fun trip on Phewa Lake and visit the local market
  • Get splendid views of the Annapurna Himalayan range.
  • Nepal's biggest International Museum with lots of information about Mountaineering.
  • The famous world peace Pagoda Making By Japanese Monk.
  • Exiting Davis Waterfall and Gupteswor Cave.
  • Famous Seti river and its gorge.
  • The biggest clean Fewa lake and Temple of Barahi.


Pokhara sightseeing is situated in the Gandaki Zone and Gandaki province of central Nepal and on the shore of Phewa lake, on the foothills of giant Annapurna Majestic peaks of the Himalayan ranges. In compared remarkable beauty of Pokhara, there are only a few cities in the world you can find so Pokhara is a peaceful and tranquil gateway in the Annapurna region of Nepal. The magnificent view of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and the Manaslu range which is dominated by fishtails makes Pokhara's soul fresh point, calm, and visually attractive for travelers. Fishtail also called Machepucchhare in Nepali means the tail of fish.

Alongside The admiration beauty of the Himalayan sunrise and sunset of Annapurna, south (7219m) Hiunchuli (6441m) Annapurna 1 to Annapurna 4 can see from the hilltop around Pokhara like world peace pagoda, Dhampus, Sarangkot, Naudanda, Australian camp. Annapurna range is the middle of the Dhaulagiri in the west and Manaslu in the east we can see from some foothills of Pokhara. Pokhara laying 200km from the west of Kathmandu is the second largest city of Nepal and can go by local bus, tourist bus, private car, or flight. Since 1970 the most tourist attraction most mythical in Kathmandu.

The famous places in Pokhara are the lakeshore of Phewa or called lakeside came tourists for overland exploration of the Annapurna Himalayan range and for peaceful relaxation. After 1977 when Annapurna open for foreign tourist attractions trekking for the first time and the tourist industry increased a lot in Pokhara. Now Pokhara is the main tourist hub and the best clean city and touristy attraction point in Nepal. Massage, Meditation, Yoga, paragliding(flying like a bird or with a bird), white river rafting, Zip flyer, Bungy Jumping, trekking, hiking, Sightseeing, city tour, Explores the culture, Temple, and Monasteries are the main attractions in Pokhara or things to do in Pokhara. In clear Phewa, lake water tourists can explore the panoramic view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain. So Numerous lakes, Snow-capped Himalayan ranges, fresh air, and friendly people make Pokhara is tourist capital or popular tourist destination of Nepal where every year almost 1 million people visit.

Best things to do in Pokhara, and Places to visit in Pokhara:

1, World Peace Pagoda:

World peace Pagoda is Situated In Kaski Nepal Near the lakeside in Anadu Hill inside the Pumdi Bhumdi VDC. Pagoda-style Buddhist Shrine Pokhara Shanti Stupa or World Peace Pagoda Pokhara is the best Monument for sightseeing and Hiking near Pokhara. Nipponzan Myohoji monks from Japan Built this Shanti Stupa under the full guidance of Nichidatsu Fujii a Buddhist Monk and Founder of Nipponzan Myohoji and Local Peoples.

Pokhara Shanti Stupa was Planned to be Constructed in 1947 and finished on September 12, 1973. Shanti Means Peace and this world come from the Sanskrit of Pali Script. This Stupa is Situated at 1100m altitude and as-built as a symbol of peace in the world inside there is a relic of Buddha. There are 80 peace pagodas around the world 2 in Nepal. One in the Birthplace of Buddha Lumbini and the other in Shanti stupa Pokhara. World peace pagoda is a famous place for tourist sightseeing and tour in Pokhara because of the panoramic Vista of Dhaulagiri(8167m), Annapurna(8091m), and Manaslu(8163m) range and Enchanting fascinating view of Pokhara city and beautiful Fewa lake. Either tourists can go there by taxi or Take a boat and hiking 1 hour around 5.5 km to reach there from the lakeside Pokhara.

2, Sarangkot View Point:

Most Spectacular Sunrise and sunset viewpoint Sarangkot is the best spot to see Annapurna and fishtail Mountain. It takes around 30-40 minutes to drive by taxi or car or 2-3 hours hiking from Bagar near the lakeside Pokhara. Sarangkot is Situated at 1600m altitude on Sarankot hill. Now Sarangkot is the best spot for Paragliding in Pokhara can explore Pokhara city Phewa lake and awesome view of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu Himalayan Range. 

3, International Mountain Museum Pokhara:

It is Situated in Gairipatan Pokhara and is the biggest Museum in Nepal. International Mountain Museum is also the most interesting Museum about the mountain of Nepal and the communities who live in Nepal Himalayas Hilly region and the Terai Region and the information of Famous Mountaineers who climb the mountain and break the records with their types of equipment used for expeditions. The International Mountain Museum tour can explore All the history Geography and fauna flora culture of Nepal Himalayas. Even you can learn about pollution and global warming caused by people. Outside you can explore the 21m climbing wall as well.

The entrance fee is around Nepalese rupees 500. The Mountain Museum is located around 4 km from  Fewa lakeside. You can take a taxi and it takes around 10 minutes by taxi. You can learn stories about climbers in the past and a free mountain documentary show every hour about Nepal mountain and their stories. 

4, Davis Waterfall:

Davis waterfall is the waterfall that comes from Fewa lake water. This water goes to a tunnel around 500 feet underground reaching the bottom. This waterfall is normally 500feet  long and 30 m below the ground level. Nepali local people tell this waterfall is "Patale Chango" which means underground waterfall. It is the most famous tourist place in Pokhara. On 1961 July 31 a swiss couple went swimming there but the huge water flow comes or an overflow of water because Monsoon dropped the woman in the pit and died. After a great effort of 3 days, they succeed to put the body outside. her father wished to name "Davis Falls"  after this accident. so from this time, it is famous for the name Davis fall.

5, Hiking From Kande-Australian camp- Phedi:

Pokhara is the best place for hiking lovers because it is surrounded by the Annapurna area. The best option to hike from Pokhara is the Australian camp. In the morning after breakfast, we will drive to Naudanda, and Kande then we start hiking from there. the lush rhododendron flower and local lifestyle can see during your hike in the countryside people. When you will reach the Australian camp we can enjoy the majestic mountain vistas. Annapurna Himalayan ranges and Manaslu can see from there. The Holy and secret mountain fishtail is one of the attractions of this tour. from there we can take lunch and trek through Dhampus Village. Dhampus is the village of Gurung people who are selected as British soldiers.

6, Visit Bindhyabasini Temple:

Located about 20 minutes from Lakeside, Bindhyabasini temple is one of the oldest temples in Nepal. The white pagoda-styled building of the Hindu Bindabasini Temple quietly sits at some 3000 feet above sea level along the renowned Annapurna and Machhpuchhare mountain ranges. Since its establishment, Goddess Bhagwati has been an object of worship here on a daily basis. Large numbers of believers come to offer sacrifices at Binhyabasini Mandir mostly during the Dashain festival.

7, Mountain Biking In Pokhara:

Mountain biking in Pokhara offers one of the best experiences that is a combination of adventure along with the view of mountains and lakes. You can visit Sarangkot on a bike and witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset. You can also drive through various destinations in Pokhara like Devi’s fall, Seti Gandaki (River Gorge), Gupteswar Gupha (Cave), and Mahendra Gupha (Cave) Bindbyabasini Temple, Matepani Gumba (Buddhist Monastery), World Peace Pagoda, Begnas Lake, etc. Take a ride through the lush green hills across typical villages along the river banks and ride around the temples as you explore the magnificent surrounding. You can rent bikes can on an hourly or daily basis from the various bicycle rental shops around the city. This is also one of the best things to do in Pokhara.

8, Boating At The Begnas Lake:

Boating at the Begnas Lake is also one of the most recommended things to do in Pokhara. You can reach Begnas Lake in about 35 minutes using a private vehicle. Just like boating at Phewa Lake, you can hire boats at Begnas Lake on an hourly or daily basis. You can also get the best view of the mountains while boating at this lake. Choosing a guided boat will be a good idea as the guide will provide you with interesting information about the lake and the surrounding areas. You can get a view of Rupa Lake from Begnas Lake. You need to cross Begnas Lake and hike for about 20 minutes. Upon reaching the top, you’ll get a view of Rupa Lake.

9, Bunjee Jumping In Pokhara:

If you missed the chance to do Bunjee Jumping in Kathmandu, you can try Bunjee jumping in Pokhara. Bungee Jumping was introduced in Pokhara in mid-September 2014. The Bunjee jump in Pokhara offers you a 70-meter vertical drop and a 3-second free fall before you bounce back and enjoy the rest of your experience. The major perk of Bunjee jumping in Pokhara is that you can get views of the Himalayas and surrounding mountains and rivers as you jump.

10, Boating In The Phewa Lake:

Boating at Phewa Lake in Pokhara Lakeside is a wonderful recreational activity. The Phewa Lake in Pokhara is the second largest lake in Pokhara. The lake is bordered by hills. If the weather is clear, you can view the reflection of the Fishtail mountain in the lake. In Phewa Lake, there is a little island with a temple. On your boat ride, you can plan a short visit to this Barahi Temple. From the boat, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of paragliding that takes off from Sarangkot, Ultralight, and also the White Stupa (Peace Pagoda). You can hire boats based on need i.e hourly or daily basis with or without a guide.

11, Zip flying In Pokhara:

The adventurous zip flying in Pokhara allows you to ride the world's tallest and longest zip line 600m up in the air, zoom down at 140km per hour covering a distance of 1.8 km. Unlike paragliding in Pokhara, the zip flying in Pokhara consists of a trolley mounted on a steel cable 1.8 KM in length, the ride descends 2000 vertical feet at an angle of 56%. With resulting speeds of over 90 miles per hour, this makes it the most extreme zipline ride in the world. The zip flying in Pokhara is the world’s steepest, tallest, and fastest of its type in the world. A ride of this magnitude has never been built before, and we assure you that this ride will truly be a unique experience.

12, White Water Rafting In Pokhara:

White water rafting in Pokhara in the Seti river in Pokhara is a must-do thing in Pokhara. The rafting point is just 30 minutes away from Lakeside Pokhara. The 1 ½ hours rafting in Pokhara is filled with non-stop adrenaline-filled rapids, fantastic Annapurna mountain views, crystal clear Himalayan whitewater, and a beautiful gorge decorated with prayer flags. White water rafting in Pokhara is also one of the best things to do Pokhara.

13, Paragliding In Pokhara From Sarangkot:

Sarangkot is one of the best places to visit in Pokhara. And paragliding in Pokhara from Sarangkot is definitely a must-do thing when in Pokhara. Paragliding in Pokhara lets you enjoy the best view of Fishtail Mountain in your front and the beautiful Phewa Lake below you. The shortest duration of the paragliding in the Pokhara flight is of 20 minutes. These tandem flights are conducted by many agencies in Pokhara. It is recommended to take quotations from different agencies to get better prices. The agency will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to Sarangkot. You can also enjoy the most spectacular views of Pokhara from Sarangkot. Enjoying the bird’s eye view of this wonderful city through Paragliding in Pokhara will be the best decision. Paragliding from Sarangkot is one of the best things to do in Pokhara.

14, Gupteshwor Cave:

Gupteshwor Cave is most popular with limestone figures and Lord Shiva temple. The cave is located in Pokhara Municipality 17, Chorepatan at Siddhartha highway, 2 km away from Pokhara Airport. According to the astrologer, Nir Bikram Paudel who had dreamt at 2:30 a.m. on Dec 24, 1992, someone told him to manage a cave with the temple of God Shiva. In the morning, he found the location mentioned in his dream. They manage the cave with light. It is believed Gupteshwor cave is 16th-century old.

There are two portions including the first 40 meters with a natural Shiva Lingam, Serpent deity at Lord Shiva Temple, limestone figures, and a holy Cowshed. The second part is 100 meters long with the waterfall (David Falls)  scene and limestone figures. The end of the first section has a narrow path. However, Guptteshwar Management Committee provides electricity light. Annual 600000 visitors with domestic and foreign tourists visit the cave. The cave is beneficial for religious, educational, and research tours. Souvenir shops were established around. Tibetan village situated within walking distance. June to September cave can close.

15, Mahendra Cave:

The cave located in Pokhara Municipality,16 Batuley Chaur, takes 30 minutes taxi from Lakeside Pokhara.  Mahendra Cave (Adhere Bhuwan as an old name) was found by the local people in 1951. When a tiger killed their cattle, they chased to kill the tiger, in addition, found a hidden cave. King Mahendra traveled to Pokhara and visited the cave. Afterward, he was preserved in 1959 under the name, Mahendra Cave. There are limestone figures on the rocks with an electric line. The cave is 200 meters in length with a Shiva temple. Every year 400000 internal and foreign tourists visit there. 

16, Attend Yoga Or Meditation Session:

If, you want to spend some time relaxing, attending a yoga or meditation session would be a great idea for you. There are many places in Pokhara where you can get the best yoga or mediation experience. However, the most recommended one is the Purna Yoga Retreat near the Castle Resort. Similarly, you can also opt for a Vipassana session. If you have enough stay time in Pokhara, You can join a 10-day Vipassana session. In this 10 days session, you will learn its basics and perform sufficient practice to experience its benefits. During this duration, you will go on a food and a social media diet as you will be served basic food and not be allowed to use your phone.

17, Sky diving In Pokhara:

Get ready to be thrilled by the most exciting Sky diving in Pokhara. While you Skydive, your whole experience will be captured using GoPro so that you can relive the whole thrilling adventure again. The drop zone is at Pame Lauruk which is just 11 km northward from the emerald lake Phewa. Just like paragliding in Pokhara, Skydiving is a wonderful treat that you can give to yourself when you visit Pokhara to keep your adrenaline rushing. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Pokhara Valley.

18, Visit The Bat Cave:

This is a small cave in Pokhara which is crowded with local tourists all year round. This is one of the most interesting places to visit in Pokhara. The cave is named the Bat Cave as you can see hundreds of Bats in the cave. As you enter the cave, you need to look up and you will be shocked to see a huge black patch of bats all over the ceiling of the cave. The most interesting part of this cave is its exit point. To get out of the cave, you need to climb up a narrow hole using all your four limbs. Since the rocks in the cave are all slippery, it is recommended to use proper footwear.

19, Tibetan Refugee Camp:

This is the area very close to Davi’s fall where many Tibetan Refugees are living thereafter the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959 A.D. The land has been provided by the Nepali government. They are doing good business, selling souvenir pieces of stuff, weaving Carpets, selling meditational things, and so on.

20, Seti River Gorge:

This is the gorge seen from the Mahendra bridge where one can see the river’s dreadful rush and the deep gorge made by its powerful flow. Flowing right through the city, the boisterous river runs completely underground at places. Amazingly, at certain points, the river appears hardly two meters wide. But the depth is quite beyond imagination over 20 meters.

21, About the Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara Nepal:

The Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara, Nepal lets you experience that moment in life that would go beyond your imagination. Nepal is considered the land of adventure and as such hot air ballooning ride is a major source that would quench the thirst for adventure of the visitors. The package lets you fly over the Annapurna ranges, and you get to grab splendid views of the magnitude of the mountain chain and its unbelievable beauty of Fishtail, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Himchuli, and many more high mountains. Along with the views, you experience the splash of the freshness of chilled weather and keep on floating with the clouds. The adventurous activity lets you encounter a fascinating moment that had always been a dream on your part. 

The package is inclusive of convenient pick-up and drops off at the hotel by taking care of utmost comfortability and safety. You can also get your Hot Balloon video made with us which is inclusive of the Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal. The package also constitutes insurance cover that would safeguard your trip from any hassle.

22, Microlight Flying Over Himalayas ''Ultralight'':

Have you ever experienced flying high over the mountains and grasping adventure? Just not be sitting in a flight towards making the journey for a destination, but to ride the aircraft with supreme control? Now, you can witness wind penetrating through your hair and see the warmth of sun rays tenderly touching your face. Grab the chance to experience the perfect adrenaline-pumping activity for the lovers of adventure, Microlight flying over the Himalayan range. The microlight flight package over the Himalayas is a 60-minute activity that lets you fly at a height of 9,000 feet above sea level amidst the scenic Himalayan range. This microlight flight experience gives you a bird's eye view of the charming peaks that constitute the Himalayan range.

The activity would surely let you hold ever-cherishable memories for an entire lifetime. The Microlight flying journey in Nepal is sure to let you take glimpses of the ideal destination that serves perfectly for nature enthusiasts, thus this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience you would come across in Nepal. In order to enhance your journey, the activity comes with a convenient hotel pick-up and drop-off facility. The facility implies hassle-free transfers that are valid for all to and from hotels and airports within the city. In cases, where your hotel is located outside the city range, additional charges will apply. The package is inclusive of all safety equipment that would ensure the maximum safety of the participants.

23, Heli Tour To The Annapurna Base Camp:

If you are not interested in trekking and want to enjoy the beautiful Annapurna Base Camp, a Heli tour of the Annapurna Base Camp will be the best option for you. Through this tour, you’ll fly over different forests, villages, rivers, and cultivated terrains enjoying the spectacular panoramic view of mountains like Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchre, Himchuli, and Myriads. Apart from this, there are hundreds of other things to do in Pokhara. Depending on your time availability, you can plan what activities you might want to go for or the places you want to visit in Pokhara.

Hiker Himalaya Treks based in Kathmandu has been offering a variety of services to make your trip to Nepal and beyond exciting and memorable. While traveling from Kathmandu to Pokhara, you can contact Hiker Himalaya treks to get details on places to visit in Pokhara.  We have a variety of packages that include things to do in Pokhara. These packages can be customized according to your choice and time availability. So, whether you are interested in trekking, climbing, expeditions, bungy jumping, river rafting, jungle safaris, or prefer sightseeing and cultural/historical tours, we can help you plan the perfect holiday. 

24, Annapurna Cable Car:

Annapurna Cable Car is the first and newest attraction of Pokhara which connects from the lakeside Sedikhola to the famous viewpoint Sarangkot. Location altitude about 2100m. The purpose of the cable car is to provide easy access to the high altitude of Sarangkot for sunrise and sunset, as well as a close view of the Annapurna Himalayas as well as Pokhara Valley, and surrounding mountains.

 The distance of the cable car between the two points is approx. 2400 meters and the full journey to the top takes 9 minutes. The passenger capacity is 8 pax per cable and 18 cables are running for a time, including one baggage carrier out of a total of 35 cables.

25, Pokhara Pumdikot View Tower and the giant statue of Lord Shiva:

Pumdikot View Tower is a new destination that you can consider visiting while in Pokhara. From the three-story view tower, one can see the panoramic views of the Pokhara Valley and the mountains of the Annapurna range. Similarly, some places in Phewatal, Lekhnath, Sarangkot, Pame, Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Syangja, Parbat, and Tanahun districts are fun to see. Apart from this, there is also a theme park and a huge dome on top of which is a 50 feet tall giant statue of Lord Shiva.

Pumdikot View Tower is located in Pumdi-Bhumdi VDC and is a 45-minute walk from Shanti Pagoda. The Pumdikot hiking is a short trek near Pokhara with an untouched trail that offers a purely natural environment. While walking, you can see a big fish tail on the right and a beautiful Phewa lake on the left. Moreover, the bare hill just below the view tower offers the best view of Pokhara city.

If you are in Pokhara, don't forget to visit Pokhara's newest tourist destination, Pumdikot View Tower.

Important Note

  • if you wish to discuss any aspect of this activity or your suitability for others activities, please contact us.
  • The cost will be valued by Your, service, group size, and other extra activities. Please kindly let us know.
  • The above itinerary is basically a guideline. If you're not satisfied or have an alternative plan please feel free to discuss it with us.

Trip Itinerary



You have a private car and a tourist information expert at your disposal. The places to go are as follows: Your Pokhara sightseeing tour starts after breakfast with a private vehicle and a professional guide to visit the following locations:

Bindhabasini Temple: It lies in the middle of the historical, spiritual bazaar. It is dedicated to the goddess Bhagwati and other manifestations of Shakti. The park area offers a high-quality picnic and a beautiful city.

Davi’s fall: Known as Patale Chango on the southern flank of the city of Pokhara, it is the place where the Seti River flows from Lake Fewa, and the cliff sinks into a deep gorge and jumps through a row.

Gupteshwor Cave: The revered Gupteshwor Cave is two kilometers from Pokhara Airport. The entrance has been correct since the fall of Devi, and the cave is almost three kilometers long. This cave is particularly costly for Hindus considering that a phallic image of Lord Shiva was preserved under the circumstances discovered.

Phewa Lake and Barahi Temple: Phewa Lake is the second largest lake in Nepal with the Barahi Island Temple in the middle of the lake; it is the essential spiritual monument in Pokhara.

Seti River Gorges: Seti-Gandaki is one of Pokhara's natural wonders. It offers an ideal view of the terrible river current and the deep gorge made with the help of the turbulent flow of white water.

International Mountaineering Museum: International Mountaineering Museum situated in Pokhara opened on February 5, 2004. The museum is spread over4242 sq. m on 12.5 acres of land. The museum contains three main exhibition halls – The hall of Great Himalayas, the Hall of fame, and the Hall of world mountains. It also contains models of famous peaks, mannequins of famous mountaineers, the culture, and lifestyle of mountain people, flora, and fauna.

Tibetan Refugee Camp: This is the area very close to Davi’s fall where many Tibetan Refugees are living thereafter the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959 A.D. The land has been provided by the Nepali government. They are doing good business, selling souvenir pieces of stuff, weaving Carpets, selling meditational things, and so on.


  • Private car with driver during the tour.
  • Government-licensed Excellent tour guide with salary, food, and, insurance.
  • Sightseeing and Monuments entrance fees. 
    • Extra personal expenses.
    • Tips to the guide and driver.


      • Nepali traditions local meals during the day trip.
      • Drinking Mineral water.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Pokhara famous and popular holiday destination for domestic and international tourists. Famous for its natural beauty with grand views of Annapurna Himalayan peaks and its serene lakes, a photogenic place to enjoy.

    Pokhara is located in Nepal Mid-West, which is about 220 k.m. driving distance from the capital Kathmandu taking more than 6 hours. By flight 30 minutes facing scenic views of Himalayan peaks.

    Early morning short drive to Sarangkot Hill for stunning sunrise views over an array of snow peaks ranging from Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu with Machhapuchare Himal / Fish Tail peak. Tour continues to Devi’s waterfall visit Gupteshwor Mahadev large and deep cave, having lunch on route with time for a tour of International Mountain Museum, recently added in Pokhara a Mountain Museum the first in Nepal, established and built by Mountaineering Association (NMA), on 1st Nov 1973, initiated the establishment of International Mountain Museum (IMM) in Pokhara.

    Depending upon season-wise, normally Pokhara with the warm climate around the year, as it is lower than Kathmandu at 860 m high. Winter can be quite cold in the morning and late afternoon till night time, day temperatures are pleasant and warm for tour and views of the snow mountain range.

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