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Is Nepal Safe to Travel

IS NEPAL SAFE to Travel:

A friendly country where travelers experience warm traditional hospitality: 

Is Nepal safe to travel to, without any doubt one of the most secure and safest countries to travel to anywhere in Nepal. From cities, and towns to far-flung remote villages including places of low land of Terai to mid-hills and mountain regions. Where visitors find and experience, the friendliest and warm hospitality of Nepalese people all around Nepal.

The safest in this part of the world, where all Nepalese are cheerful and happy people. Which makes the visitors more safe and secure to explore from the streets of Kathmandu or beyond to country farm villages.

However, safety also depends upon one behavior where all travelers need to show respect to all people big or small. As well as visiting religious sites of both major religions of Hindu and Buddhist.

Where visitors need to show signs of respect and gain a friendly response from the local people around. Showing self-respect and the right attitude will win the heart of everyone anywhere in the world, besides Nepal and its lovely people.

The best for traveling to Nepal is to learn a few good main and important words like greetings and farewells. As well as a goodbye the most famous and popular that you notice and observe is the sound and word Namaste. Enjoy reading some Nepalese phrasebooks before you depart from your home country, one will find them interesting to learn.

Some of the few Nepalese languages for short communication and interaction with the locals on treks or on the tour. Every Nepalese is honest and true to their words and promises that they will never behave negatively.

Whether foreign or local visitors, everyone is a guest of great honor and full of respect. Besides, Nepal is a safe country to travel tourism is one of the major economies of the country. Where nearly more than 50 % of Nepalese livelihood is dependent on the tourism industry, either directly or indirectly ways.

That is from big or small hotels, lodges, restaurants, shops, handicrafts of souvenirs’, and Nepalese products. The main important is trekking, travel agencies totally reliable on tourism income that includes guides, drivers and office staff to porters.

Where nearly all villages on trekking routes are dependent upon the flow of trekkers and travelers. These are some of the main reasons that Nepal is a very safe country.

In the past years, there were a few cases of crimes and theft but no harm to tourists. But that means one should not take it for granted, as one has to be careful with self-precaution. For safe travel one has to abide by the norms and rules of the country as well. Like staying as per the duration on a tourist visa, and can extend if you enjoy much of the country.

Value of Responsible Tourism, like respecting the local cultures and religious sites, temples, shrines, and monasteries. Not disturbing its pristine environment by taking care of litter and rubbish or unwanted wastes.

Following Eco-Tourism and using re-cycle products are the most important things while traveling in Nepal. On treks and tours, your guide will explain more about the country and Nepalese people of different ethnic tribes and cultures. That will make your journey more interesting and enjoyable by acquiring full knowledge of the country that you travel to in Nepal.

The most important for travelers in Nepal, for a safe and secure stay, is that always booked with reliable and renowned travel and trekking agency.

Where you will be guided by professional tour or trekking guides authorized and registered with the respective tourism department. Solo or individuals traveling in remote countries can be quite unsafe without a proper Government licensed guide. To enjoy safe and secure holidays, important and much necessary that one travel around Nepal accompanied by a local guide. 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, it was not safe and secure to travel in Nepal as well as around the world. But at present Nepal is safe for travel around the country that is if visiting Nepal must show a medical certificate.

With negative results from the Coronavirus infection, as well as following some Government Protocols on the Medical side against Covid-19. The present rules for foreign visitors are that on arrival at Kathmandu-Nepal International airport or any other entry points. Must prove yourself with a medical document that you are safe from Covid-19, as well as other necessary papers. 

Regarding the health and insurance policy that you bought along for safe travel in Nepal. The rules and norms may not be active in the near future, as the country is getting back to normal. After many months of Lockdown, where tourist arrival was almost nil, things are slowly picking up.

As it was before the Pandemic spread around the world, where Nepal with few countries in Asia. To have a fewer number of cases from Covid-19 and with less death compared to the rest of the world.

Traveling in Nepal is completely safe and secure despite the Pandemic, where tourism is much needed for the livelihood of Nepalese. As well as the Government's dwindling economy, from this year onwards, expect more foreign visitors to the country. Where one can feel safe in the harmony of happy Nepalese and its immense culture with an amazing background of Himalayan scenery.

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