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Off the Beaten Tracks

Nepal with a wide range of the world’s tallest peaks within its massive Himalayas is no wonder the country is famous. As well most popular for trekking and other adventure activities, with many choices and options to enjoy.

In the harmony of the tranquil environment within the complete mountain wilderness and the immense culture of the mountain villages. Most visitors come to Nepal, for outdoor adventure and that is trekking which comes number one and first on the list.

Nepal is well-known and renowned for all types of adventure sports from leisure, and adventure to daring activities. Famous and popular trekking destinations are uncountable in Nepal like Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang Himalaya regions.

These areas are known as mainstream and mostly tramped trekking routes and trails and have become much commercialized. Travelers in Nepal who are bored walking on the same old trail encounter many trekkers. Besides famous trekking destinations, Nepal also offers many places in the hidden corners of the Himalayas.

Trekking off the beaten tracks where few groups of travelers seldom venture, where you will be walking in the complete mountain wilderness.

With only the sound of nature and can feel absolute ambiance overnight in tented camps, and far beyond farm villages. Trekking off the beaten tracks is for true trekkers and adventurers as it leads to remote corners away from human settlements.

Where path is not well defined in some areas, due to fewer visitors only used by a few cattle and Yak herders. An interesting way to enjoy the pristine and undisturbed surroundings is by trekking off the beaten tracks of the Nepal Himalayas.

Places around less trekked and explored around Nepal's high Himalaya region, with many such wild destinations. Like in some areas of Everest there are some hidden areas, where very few trekkers often venture. Ink and Hongu valley near Mera Peak and Mt. Baruntse involve crossing high passes of above 5, 600 m over Amphu-Labasa.

Other off-the-beaten tracks around Rolwaling valley traverse over Tashi-Labtsa high pass to reach west of Khumbu in Everest. Arun valley is another interesting trek of the same category, as well as Peekay Hill in Solu south of Everest and Khumbu.

Likewise, Makalu and Sherpani Col's traverse to the Everest region is another exciting adventure. Kanchenjunga area offers off-the-beaten tracks visiting both base camps, as well as heading north to Walunchu-Gola and crossing Lumba-Sumba Pass. Around Annapurna with its high areas are Khopra Ridge and Khair lake treks, where you will be off the beaten tracks for some days.

Nepal Himalaya offers in the list of ‘On and Off the beaten tracks, like Far Wild West around Dhaulagiri, Upper, and Lower Dolpo, including Limi and Humla valley with Api and Shaipal Himal base camp treks. Trekking Off the Beaten tracks is more of exploration rather than a normal walking adventure, where all camping gear and food need to be carried throughout the journey.

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