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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

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$5,000 USD 1,570

per person


5-6 hours days

Max. Elevation


Group size

1+ Above

Private Vehicle and Helicopter
Best Season
Throughout the year
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If, you Request
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Trip Route
Kathmandu-Lukla-Kalapathar Hill is close to Everest base camp-Kathmandu


  • A flight to enchantment in the heart of the world’s highest mountain range.
  • Unparalleled panorama of Himalayan snow peaks with a close view of Mt. Everest
  • An exciting scenic joy ride high above beautiful valleys and rolling green hills.
  • Sweeping panoramic in the comfort of Heli flights under the Himalayan blue sky.
  • Stand beneath the world’s tallest peaks on the best views points of Mt. Everest


Types of Helicopter Model operates in Nepal for a commercial flight to Everest and other Himalayan destinations: AS 350 B series helicopters of Euro-Copter, France popular all over the world and Ecureuil model or similar model and types of the chopper. Built for high altitude and mountainous landscapes, suitable for Himalayan countries.    

Best Seasons:

Nearly all year round when days are fine and clear for views and flights. Except for the monsoon wet months of June to middle September. The best time is in the spring season from March to May, and autumn times from September to November as well as the pre-winter times of December and January.


Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a flight of enchantment of a few hours that takes you to the nearest spot. Where you can enjoy glorious views of mighty Mt. Everest at the closest distance with adjoining giant Lhotse, and Nuptse peaks. Truly an overwhelming lifetime experience in the comfort of a spacious seated chopper facing unparalleled views of the Himalayan mountain range. Besides superb views of snow-capped mountains, includes dramatic scenery of Nepalese mid-hills and beautiful landscapes dotted with farm villages and terraces. Flying above spectacular valleys and rolling hills covered in dense woods of rhododendron, pines, oaks, and magnolia with fir trees. As you enjoy looking toward an array of Himalayan peaks helicopter lands above the famous Namche Bazaar at Everest View Hotel.

The world's highest deluxe hotel ever established in the 1970s, at above 3, 880 m high facing views of Mt. Everest. Enjoy refreshing moments having breakfast in the backdrop of towering peaks of Ama Dablam and Everest. The flight continues heading north above the beautiful Tengboche Monastery and Pangboche to land at foot of Kalapathar hill. The vantage point for excellent views of Mt. Everest at the height of 5, 250 m / 17, 192 feet. This was the exact spot where world environment day and conference took place on December 4th, 2009. Which was recorded as the world’s highest conference of Nepalese ministers, a great place for Everest panorama.

After a rejoicing moment head back to Kathmandu via Lukla with a short stop at Tengboche Monastery, time and weather permitting. One of the most famous monasteries of the Khumbu area, the place itself is surrounded by snow peaks and green tree lines. Enjoy a tour of the monastery a great place for cultural and religious interests, then fly to Kathmandu. As well as having a short refreshing stop at Lukla, the flight of an hour to land at Kathmandu airport.
Highest ground Height: At 5, 250 m / 17, 192 feet high at the base of Kalapathar Hill close to Everest base camp.

Our helicopter service in the Everest region:

We have been conducting various helicopter flight tours in the Everest region as per the choice of our customers. Here are our helicopter flights, including landing tour services in the Everest region:

Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and from Lukla to Kathmandu:

At an altitude of 2,860 meters, Lukla is one of the tallest airports in the world. Flights are often delayed or sometimes canceled due to unpredictable weather. In this case, the only option for you is to use the helicopter service. We provide safe helicopter service between Kathmandu and Lukla.

Helicopter flight back to Kathmandu-Lukla from Gorakshep or Sagarmatha base camp:

If you have less time or want to enjoy the aerial view of the Himalayas during the journey, you can fly a helicopter from Gorakhpur to Lukla or Kathmandu. According to your request, we will arrange the charter at a reasonable price.

Helicopter flight from Everest View Hotel to Everest Base Camp:

Helicopter flights from Everest View Hotel to Everest Base Camp bypass the long trek and offer you nothing but the beauty of the Himalayas. Spread out for about 15 minutes, the helicopter adventure is perfect if you have little time or a lack of physical ability to continue in the Himalayan terrain. Offering a perfect Himalayan view, helicopter travel is ideal if you want a different perspective on the majestic Everest Himalayan range.

Helicopter flight from Everest View Hotel to Kathmandu:

If you are on a downward journey, a helicopter trip back to Kathmandu from Everest View Hotel may be just for you. Covering a distance of 138 kilometers, the journey takes about 40 to 45 minutes. A useful option if you need to shorten the Himalayan journey due to situational reasons including medical emergencies, personal problems, or immediate rescue. The return route encompasses your trip to the Everest region and offers fresh views of its natural beauty and enchanting Himalayan scenery.

Helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp Lukla:

The classic Everest Base Camp Trail starts in the hill town of Lukla and converges at the same point. In case any emergency or personal situation hinders your return trip to Lukla, you can travel by helicopter. The journey takes a total of 20 minutes and covers the entire trail from Everest Base Camp. An ideal choice if you want to experience the fascinating beauty of the area in a completely new way. Flying over Mount Everest National Park, the flight offers a panoramic view of the Himalayas in addition to the beauty of the numerous Sherpa villages along the way.

Everest base camp from Lukla to Kalapathar by helicopter:

One for the sunrise in the Himalayas, a black stone flight from Lukla via Everest Base Camp is a standard helicopter trip that covers some of the best places the region has to offer. At an altitude of 5545 meters, Kalapathar is one of the best city points without overlooking Mount Everest. Himalayan range. Famous for its spectacular views of Mount Everest (8,848 m), the summit includes mountains such as Cho Ou (8,201 m), Lhotse (8,516 m), Ama Dablam (6,856 m), Nuptse (7,861 m), and Pumo Ri (7,165 m). Includes views. In others Also, for a proper introduction to Khumbu Glacier and Icefall, the trip also touches the Everest Base Camp. Combining two marquee destinations in the Everest region, this is one for a taste of Himalayan adventure.

Helicopter flight from Everest base camp to Kathmandu:

A beautiful way back to the capital, the helicopter journey from EBC to Kathmandu offers a beautiful relief from the long landing route to Lukla. It can also be a useful option if you find yourself in the middle of any medical or personal emergency and need immediate evacuation. The return route offers amazing views of Nepal's natural beauty and offers you panoramic views of the hilly landscape. Overall, this is a great way to bid farewell to the Everest Himalayas.

Helicopter flight from Gorakshep to Kathmandu:

At an altitude of 5,140 meters, Gorakshepa is your last stop on the Everest Trail before reaching the Everest Base Camp. At a distance of 151 kilometers from the capital, the helicopter flight takes about an hour. Aside from emergencies or serious medical conditions, Haley tours provide a great way to get back if you don't find yourself setting up the downhill trail once again. With a panoramic view of the Himalayas, the flight offers a complete introduction to the natural beauty of the Everest region.

Helicopter flight from Pheriche to Everest base camp:

Pheriche serves as a transit for Everest Base Camp helicopter travel and is also used as a shuttle point for helicopter flights. Located at an altitude of 4,240 meters, Pheriche is one of the most visited destinations in the Everest region. Helicopter flights from Pheriche to the Everest base camp provide relief from the days of the trek to the Himalayas. The 10-minute journey offers a delightful glimpse into the breathtaking beauty of the Everest Himalayas.

Helicopter flight from Pheriche to Kathmandu:

If you are trying to escape from the days of the downhill trail back to Lukla, there is a helicopter flight from Pheriche to Kathmandu. Departing from Pheriche, the flight offers panoramic views of Mount Everest, such as Mount Everest (8848 m), Cho Ou (8201 m), and Lhotse (8516 m). The return journey takes just over an hour and gives the last glimpse of the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas.

Helicopter flight from Tengboche to Everest base camp:

The home of the famous Dawa Choling Gumba, Tengboche is located at an altitude of 3,860 meters and is one of the most scenic spots around the Everest region. The trek to the village is enjoyable and ignores the hard climbs and descents.
A 15-minute helicopter flight from Tengboche takes you to the Khumbu Glacier at the Everest Base Camp. In addition, it offers close-up views of Ama Dablam (6,856 m), Lhotse (8,516 m), Changtse (7,543 m), and the majestic Everest (8,884 m).

Helicopter flight from Tangboche to Lukla or Kathmandu:

If you return to Tangboche after completing your Himalayan adventure, returning to Kathmandu by helicopter can be a beautiful relief from the descent. This is a useful option if you are on a limited time as the flight offers incredible views of the Everest ranges and vibrant Sherpa settlements along the way.

Helicopter flight from Dingboche to Kathmandu:

Often known as Summer Valley, Dingboche is located at an altitude of 4,410m and is a perfect place for your Himalayan adventure. The flight from Dingboche to Kathmandu takes about an hour and you can also see the breathtaking views of the Himalayas in the range of Mount Everest. A total journey of 149 kilometers is an exciting introduction to the beauty of the Everest region.

Helicopter flight from Lobuche to Kathmandu:

Located just below Gorakshep, Lobuche offers good rest before heading downhill to Lukla. If you want to experience a completely new adventure, a helicopter flight back to Lukla may be your thing. Helicopters returning to the capital in about an hour cover the entire Khumbu Valley and most of the Everest National Park.

Helicopter flight from Gokyo to Kathmandu:

The flight back to the capital from Gokyo removes the tiring trek to Lukla. Helicopter tours provide a fresh experience of the breathtaking beauty of Gokyo Lake and Gokyo Valley. Like most helicopter flights back to Kathmandu, the return route covers a total distance of 137 kilometers. The helicopter journey is a remarkable journey across the Everest National Park and many other landmarks of the Everest region.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost Details:

Everest base camp helicopter tour costs depend on group size. Most people want to share helicopter tours of Everest base camp in Nepal for cost control. The cost of this tour will start from US $ 999 per person if you have 5 Pax people to share.

If there are less than five people on this tour, you will have to adjust to a higher cost (not too much). Contact us and then enjoy this visit with your friends or family. We have daily flights to Everest Base Camp for group / private helicopter tours. For more details please contact us. Cost details for joining the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Travel Group
Includes Everest Base Camp Helicopter Travel Cost Group (all paid together). When additional shuttles are required the total additional costs will be equally payable in partnership.

Please find the details below: 

No of pax

Cost per Person
(Paying altogether

Extra Shuttle charge
(if needed)

1- 2USD $1070USD $512
3USD $1045USD $512
4USD $999USD $512
5USD $978

USD $512

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Visit Cost details for private trips:

A private helicopter trip to the Everest base camp would be perfect for family visits and gathering friends. Wants to take an adventurous trip to Everest. The cost details for a private helicopter trip are as follows:

All-Inclusive Cost
Extra Shuttle Cost
Single Shuttle
US$ 4000-US$4500
 US$ 512
Double Shuttle 
US$ 4500-US$ 5000   
 US$ 512
Note: In the Group Joining, the Helicopter tour cost is depending on the availability of seats to join with other people. For more details, please do direct contact at +9779851191053 (WhatsApp, Viber).

Individual checklist for a helicopter tour of Everest Base Camp:

Depending on the season of the trip, you need to dress appropriately. Even in warmer climates, the Everest base camp and the black stone are at a higher altitude, so you should wear a down jacket.

Most of the time, especially in the morning, the temperature drops below freezing. Also, be sure to wear and carry high SPF sunscreen as ultraviolet radiation increases at higher altitudes. The following things you should take with you during this helicopter trip:

Windproof down jacket
Warm Fleecing Trousers
Long-short sleeve t-shirts
Day Backpack and Water bottle
Toiletries (Toilet Paper and Wet Wipes)
Sunglass and Hat
Lip Balm
Camera with spare batteries and memory card
Light snacks including some chocolates and dry fruits

Your packing list will depend on the weather and weather conditions. If you plan on visiting in December and January, you'll need extra warm clothing for this helicopter tour. You need one day pack for your trip as it takes 5 or 6 hours from Kathmandu. And there will be 2 or 3 stations to manage the tour.

Important Note

  • The helicopter does not land exactly at Everest Base Camp, due to the availability of space to land. Due to rocky moraine and movement of glaciers every season of the year, as well for safety and precaution. Rockfalls and avalanches can occur at any time. The best and safe landing is at the base of Kalapathar Hill and above a small settlement of Gorakshep. As well as for superb panorama of Everest with surrounding giant peaks. 
  • If you wish to discuss any aspect of this trip or your suitability for other trips, please contact us.

Trip Itinerary



By 6 a.m. depart from the hotel for a short drive of 20 minutes to Kathmandu domestic airport. After checking board in a helicopter, soon it takes off and then enjoys grand views of Kathmandu city and the valley. Includes a wide range of Central Himalayan peaks appears, as the flight heads east with views of mountains with Mt. Everest. A short stop at Lukla, a popular town and gateway to various adventures around Khumbu and Everest region. After a refreshing stop Helicopter lifts off following the Dudh Kosi River valley above with views of lovely villages.

Flight heads highest past Namche Bazaar and Tengboche Monastery then flying above scenic Khumbu valley. Then landing at the base of Kalapathar Hill on the best viewpoints of Mt. Everest at its closest distance. Enjoy the panorama of giant peaks of Lhotse, Nuptse, and Pumori, after a marvelous scenic moment board in. A helicopter makes a round trip above the Everest base camp with close views of Khumbu ice-fall and glacier. Then on the return journey with a short stopover at Everest View Hotel for breakfast and refreshment with views of Mt. Everest. 

On completing our major highlights, a Helicopter lifts off flying high on the same scenic air route to Kathmandu. Where our wonderful experience on the Everest base camp helicopter tour completes.


  • Helicopter charter cost as per request grouping and private If grouping (3-5) person.
  • 5-10 minutes landing on Kalapthar viewpoint.
  • Landing at Everest view hotel for 50-60 minutes.
  • The first aid kit box includes oxygen for emergency
  • Domestic airport tax
  • All government and company taxes.
  • Nepal entry visa fee and international flight ticket.
  • Life and Medical Insurance.
  • Personal expenses and Hard and soft drink
  • Sagarmatha national park fees (USD 30 or Npr 3000)
  • Meal on Everest view hotel (Breakfast)
  • Personal gear and equipment.


    • Transportation to airport drove and pick up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depends upon the availability of landing space, due to avalanches and rockfalls, glacier movements every season of the time. The actual Helipad at Everest base camp changes each season of the year entirely depending upon pilot decision and space for the Helicopter to land. However, the safe and best landing is at the bottom of Kalapathar hill. Where one can catch the best and closest views of Mt. Everest with an array of peaks, from base camp one cannot see the view of Mt. Everest as much as you can see from the scenic point at the base of Kalapathar Hill.

Nearly months of the year are best for the Everest Heli tour, except for the monsoon time of June to mid-September. Where days a cloudy with rain clouds, spring time from March to May is the most favorable time for adventure around the Himalayas as well as for Helicopter tours. Days are clear and fine with sunny days, especially morning till mid-day. The next best time is autumn/fall from middle September onwards to November, days are fine and crystal clear with sunny blue sky for excellent views of Mt. Everest and range of other giant mountains.

Winter time is another best season, but much colder morning and freezing wind-chill factor. All Heli tours operate early morning from 7 a.m. till mid-day on a clear fine day only.

Depending upon the size of a chopper, normally 4 to 5 people are seated with enough space for leg rooms. In Nepal AS 350 B series helicopters or Euro-Copter, France popular all over the world and Ecureuil model or similar model and types of the chopper. Built for high altitude and mountainous landscapes, suitable for Himalayan countries.

Certainly, most Helicopter tour to Everest starts early morning when the weather is best for clear views, normally stops at Everest View Hotel at 3,880 m high. The first luxury hotel built around Khumbu and Everest region, enjoy breakfast or other refreshment facing views of Mt. Everest and adjoining giant peaks.

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