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Jungle Safari and Wildlife

Jungle Safari and Wildlife is an amazing country to visit and explore, as well as for all kinds of holiday activities, besides popular trekking and heritage tours. Jungle Safari and Wildlife in Nepal is also on the list of tourism destinations, within its famous national parks.

Visitors to Nepal will be fascinated by so much to see and experience the best of Nepal.

Where Jungle Safari and Wildlife in Nepal is a great way to enjoy your holiday before or after your major trip. Either as an extension or a prime plan for your holiday in Nepal, Jungle Safari is an opportunity to see some of the endangered wildlife. Including various species of birds and mammals that are never seen in other countries such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros.

As well as four types of deer, two species of crocodiles the marsh mugger, and Gharial with a great range of wild animals. With pheasant-like common peacocks and wild fowls and exotic bird life of more than 600 species.

Jungle Safari and Wildlife in Nepal is located in the dense green jungles of the country‚Äôs southwest and east areas. The Terai belt is the lowland of Nepal with a warm sub-tropical climate, where the famous and popular is Chitwan National Park located. 

One can take a 4-5 hour drive and a short flight to reach Chitwan, as well as from scenic Pokhara. All jungle safari and wildlife activities program is set by lodge, hotels, and resorts, situated just near the entrance of the park.

The exciting thrill of jungle safari includes elephant rides, being on the lookout for some wild animals, and birdlife. As the ride takes you through dense jungles and opens grassland with chances of spotting rare mammals.

Besides the elephant safari, other enjoyable activities are nature/jungle walks, bird watching, tower visit called Machan. Includes canoe ride on rivers to witness birds and crocodiles with elephant bathing and briefing, as well jungle jeep drive. In the nighttime before lavish dinner entertained by local native Tharu folk dance and songs.

Other Jungle Safari and wildlife in Nepal, the Bardiya national park is located further southwest, is one of the undisturbed parks as few groups of tourists often visit due to its remoteness.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is another exciting place for various birdlife, situated in the Far South East of Nepal. All safaris are led and guided by expert naturalists and jungle guides appointed by the lodge and hotels.

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