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Rafting and Adventures Sports

Rafting and Adventure Sports in the shade of the high Himalayan Mountain range, Nepal is famous as a premier adventure country. Where all travelers can enjoy various outdoor sports of great thrill and excitement, in the close vicinity of high snow peaks. Rafting is another exciting water sport in Nepal, where all rivers are fed by the glaciers of the high Himalayan Mountain range.

Besides, Trekking and Mountaineering, Rafting is a popular activity in tourism in the country, Nepal offers various Rafting thrills and adventures from scenic floats to exciting white water with rapids and bouncy waves.

Rafting is fun paddling Himalayan Rivers downstream from mid-hill to the Terai belt a warm low area south of Nepal. One can enjoy for a day to two days or more of a week duration on various mighty rivers of Nepal.

The most popular and famous rivers for rafting are as follows: Trisuli River the closest to the capital Kathmandu flows along the main highway that links to Pokhara and Chitwan. A famous tourist spot in the country where interested visitors can enjoy rafting for a day to two days.

Offers exciting rapids with names like Ladies Delights, Monsoon, Upsets, Surprise, and much more as per the duration of your rafting adventure. Includes scenic floats with exotic birdlife and visiting rural farm villages, located on the riversides. Continue rafting downstream to Chitwan and extend your holiday with Jungle or Wild-Life Safari.

Bhote Koshi, another popular river for rafting for a day or two, is situated along the Arniko highway, as well as Kathmandu / Lhasa-Tibet Friendship Highways, a great river that joins with the mighty Sun-Koshi River further downstream.

Seti River flows from the glaciers of Annapurna Himalaya, pleasant scenic rafting for two days or more, and continues as the river meets Trisuli River at the end of Seti River Rafting.

Sun-Koshi mighty rivers, and the longest Rafting Rivers of Nepal rafting expeditions and adventure of more than 8 days that flows and joins at great Sapta Koshi, where seven rivers meet. Other Rafting Rivers of Nepal, are Tamur, Kaligandaki, Masrsyangdi, and Arun as well as Karnali Rivers.

All rafting rivers are run by expert and Professional River guides with full safety measures equipped with helmets, life jackets, and other accessories. As required for exciting Rafting in Nepal Himalayan Rivers.

Adventure Sports in Nepal: Various exciting thrills to enjoy for a short hour or full day and more as per one interests. The most popular adventure sport is Paragliding, where one can enjoy scenic Pokhara with other sports like Ultra-Light Flights. Zip-Flyer, Bungee Jumping, and Sky diving floating in Himalayan clear blue sky in the close backdrop of Himalayan peaks like Mt. Everest and the Annapurna range.

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