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Travel and medical insurance


The most important documents to carry with you, especially for trekking, peak climbing, or other adventure around Nepal Himalayas. Is to purchase an Insurance policy from your respective countries Insurance companies before you depart for Nepal. The Insurance should be made for Travel as well related to Medical and health while traveling to Third World Country like Nepal. It should cover all medical expenses as per the receipt, medical documents made and signed. By the doctors that attend you for check-ups in Nepal or on route back to home countries, including travel insurance. To claim that you could not continue the desired trip due to personal domestic problems or on medical and health grounds.

 Travel Insurance:

Is very important on various trips and adventure around Nepal Himalaya, whether it is short, moderate or adventurous. Where weather can play a disastrous role in your holiday, as Himalayan weather even in good seasons and best time can be unfavorable with bad conditions, heavy clouds too much rain or snow-fall that might lead to re-route the trip or delay and get canceled.

Especially for treks and other adventure that involves a short flight to the mountainous region like in Everest, Dolpo, Mustang, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga. As well as other remote parts of the country in Far West Himalayan destinations. Due to bad weather conditions sometimes, the flight gets delayed, canceled, or postponed for another good day. In this situation, it badly affects the trek itinerary and daily schedule days. Where trekkers might have to add other expenses apart from trip costs, like staying in hotels for extra days. Besides booking overnights by the agents for limited nights as per the itinerary provided.

If the condition gets worse, where trek might be diverted to other areas or get canceled, in this type of situation. Where clients have to bear the extra expenses as there will be no refund, or might get some percent from the trip cost.In this case, where your travel insurance will be handy and helpful to get reimbursed or compensated by the respective insurance companies. The local agents can only issue a backup letter regarding the cause to support that you get some money from your reliable insurance company.

The other important for Travel Insurance as follows:

  1. Around any countries around the world, were avoidable and unforeseen circumstances and the situation can happen or occur.
  2. Natural Calamity and Disasters, like landslides, big floods, and avalanches Broken roads to travel, sudden worse weather conditions.
  3. Political strikes, riots, arson might lead to delay of the trip or get canceled if the situation continues and gets worse.       
  4. Delay or cancellation of domestic flights due to technical problems or related to bad weather conditions.
  5. Sudden changes of trip cost due to country’s economic inflation, where price might go higher than the original trip in this instant changes of Government policy.
  6. Availability of porters sometimes in some areas of trekking route that might delay and effects the treks, without porters to carry on most trekking in Nepal is not possible.
  7. Extra expenses are due to the delay of the trip, with roadblocks, heavy rain, and snow conditions.
  8. Incomplete of the trip, where some people might have to break the journey and could not continue due to personal domestic or other related problem, as well with health and choosing the wrong trip and grade.
  9. Where in an emergency situation might need to call immediate fast transport like helicopter service, where clients have to bear the expenses.
  10. Delay in arriving in Kathmandu for trip departure, where extra expenses are required to catch up with the main group.
  11. Where one needs to cancel or postponed the trip, due to unavailable flight tickets on time due to high and peaks holiday travel seasons time.

The other important reasons for Medical Insurance are as follows:             

01: Accidents can happen anyplace and anywhere in this part of the world, and the high Himalayas region of Nepal is not behind. For serious injury and wounds requires immediate evacuation to the nearest good health post or hospitals. Where fast and easy means of transport are needed in this critical situation, and the safest and fastest is using helicopter service. For all emergency evacuation expenses with a helicopter, the client has to bear the expenses, including all medical bills, extra nights in hotels either in Kathmandu or other major towns and cities of Nepal.

02: Sudden health disorder from past illness can happen, even taking a daily dose of medication as prescribed by your doctor back home. Depending upon the choice of treks and tours, if the health deteriorates and gets bad to worse. Where emergency evacuation will be the only solution, where a patient needs to be taken back to a good hospital in Kathmandu or reach the home country with a close companion, family, or friends. Where all expenses related to ill health being a subject of medical expenses that need to be declared and shown to your medical insurance company for reimbursement occurred on trips in Nepal.

03: Most important is that on high altitude treks or peak climbing, one can catch altitude sickness or AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). The symptoms relate to HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema) which is water in the brain and HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) which is water in the lungs. If these symptoms happen to any person, requires to bring them safely down to the nearest medical post and hospitals. For major problems an immediate rescue by any means of fast and safe, secure transport.

Where in Nepal there are Helicopter companies for this type of situation, at beck and call. Where the patient has to borne all expenses including rescue using Helicopter service, the doctor and the local company will support to claim from your medical insurance with the backup letter and medical reports. Whilst, after all mentioning and providing information regarding why Travel and Medical Insurances are required. However, think positively and take things as it comes that is the right way to enjoy and comfort oneself. Take your holiday as Journey, not as a Destination, which will help you from being miserable.

Despite, some problems that might take place beyond our control, we at Hiker Himalaya will try every effort to make your holiday and trip enjoyable with mesmerizing time in Nepal with us.

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