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Best Time to Visit Nepal


                       Nepal for all seasons of the year with all types of exotic holiday destinations:

Best time to visit Nepal, where travelers can visit almost all seasons of the year depending upon the choice of holiday destinations. From leisure tours, hikes, and moderate and adventurous to challenging treks or peak climbing including major mountaineering expeditions.

Nepal has four main seasons, namely spring which starts from March to May, and summer begins in June till August. Includes monsoon wet rainy season also. In the autumn/fall and winter seasons, around these four seasons, travelers can choose any good time season-wise. As per your holiday duration in Nepal, the country offers a wide range of exciting destinations.

The best time to visit Nepal, the most preferable season is spring and autumn/fall, that is March to May. With September to November months. Where’s in the wintertime of December to February cold months, but perfect for family Christmas and New Year holidays. Within the backdrop of stunning Himalayan peaks and peaceful surroundings of dramatic landscapes to enjoy. Nepal gets few visitors during the summertime of June to August due to the heavy rains of the monsoon.

The whole southern Himalayas will be lush and green with many species of vegetation and will be a paradise. For nature lovers and botanists as the area will be enriched with exotic flora and fauna. But the other northern sides of the Himalayas will be much drier with arid, barren terrain like the massive Himalayan Mountain range.

Which forms a great barrier for monsoon dark clouds to reach the north of the Himalayas like in the Mustang, Manang, and Dolpo areas. Where one can plan the adventure around these dry countries with less rain to expect. As most of the day will be warm with enough sun-light hours, but cold in the morning and night time.

Best Time to Visit Nepal in the spring season - March, April, and May:

The best time to visit Nepal is in the spring season as well as the high and peak season of tourism around the Himalayas. Nepal includes Bhutan, Tibet, and North East and West areas of India also. Where days are warm with enough sunshine, with the new blossom of plants and wildflowers, especially the rhododendron of various species. The forest will be lively when rhododendron is in full bloom from short bushes to tall trees including other beautiful flowers.

The red rhododendron tall tree species are found nearly in all forests of Nepal from east to west Himalaya mid-hills. From above 1,500 m to 3, 000 meters high which makes the trek in spring more fun and enjoyable.

The temperatures of average minimum + 5 and maximum of 250 Celsius, around the middle hills and valleys. But can expect some light afternoon rain sometimes, with snowfalls in the higher region of trekking. But overall one of the best times to be in Nepal is for a sightseeing tour around places of interest.

As well as jungle safari in various national parks of the country like the famous Chitwan and Bardiya national parks. The best time for all types of trekking and peak climbing to mountaineering, where most major expeditions and climbing. Mt. Everest and other various high peaks are climbed during the spring and early season of summer of June.  

Best Time to Visit Nepal in the autumn/fall season - September, October, and November:

Another best time in Nepal and around the Himalayas is in autumn or fall apart from the mainspring season. Most days are fine and crystal clear, especially around the high region of Nepal Himalayas for excellent views of peaks and pleasant walks.

Where climate will be mild with sunshine, with average temperatures of minimum + 0 to - 050 and a maximum of 15 to 200 Celsius. Days are clear for breathtaking views of snow peaks and surroundings beautiful scenery of rolling green hills and valleys.

Autumn/fall times draw many foreign visitors for various exciting holidays in Nepal. Also, a great time to observe some of the big Nepalese festivals that fall within the month of October.

The air will be cool, but with short sunlight hours due to the autumn and pre-winter seasons in Nepal. The temperatures mentioned above for places above 2, 000 m high, but lower areas will be much warmer during the daytime. Around higher hills and mountainous regions, chances of snowfall sometimes will add more excitement to the adventure.

Winter Season low season for tourism in Nepal, December to mid-February:

For those who prefer the low season with a fewer number of tourists, then the winter season is a perfect time from December to February. But if you are interested in treks and climbing during winter times can be quite risky due to heavy snowfall. Especially for treks that involve high passes like Thorang-La in Annapurna Circuit or around Dhaulagiri, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga trekking areas.

These regions are not strongly recommended, due to the danger of much snow on trial and passes. But for short and moderate treks it will be best even in winter times like around the southern side of Annapurna. Including Langtang valley of a week trek and Everest base camp or around the high Khumbu region.

Where days are clear, but the sun appears quite late with sunshine day for a short period. Very cold with freezing temperatures from - 050 and a maximum of 10 to 150 Celsius above 1,800 m high. Much colder from 3,000 m onwards of low as - 10 to - 15 degrees Celsius. In winter times Nepal gets fewer trekkers, but enjoyable destination for the Christmas and New Year holidays on the laps of the high Himalayan mountain range.

Summer and Monsoon wet season from June to August:

Besides the best time of spring and autumn, few visitors travel to Nepal for various trekking regions. Like Upper and Lower Dolpo including Upper Mustang, Humla, and Limi valley, as well as to enter Tibet from Nepal.

As these areas get very little rain, that is why the country is much arid with dry landscapes. The monsoon clouds get blocked by the high Himalayan range, where all these regions fall within the rain shadow. Located on an extension of the vast southwest Tibetan plateau. 

Nepal for all seasons to visit various exotic Himalayan destinations, but still, the best time is spring and autumn. The most favorable seasons are preferred by many worldwide visitors.

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