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Why Hiker Himalaya Different From Other


Why Hiker Himalaya Different From Others, Hiker Himalaya, although a fresh and new local company in Nepal, was established decades ago, with a huge difference. In comparison to other trekking and travel agencies of Nepal big or small. For many reasons we top and stand higher, due to our immense excellent services offered to our past and present clients and customers.

In return, we get much feedback and reviews of the treks and tours, from our valued clients praising and recommending to other travelers to Nepal and other Himalayan destinations. After enjoying with memorable and money-worth holiday adventure with us, and showing huge gratitude and respect to Hiker Himalaya.

Hiker Himalaya is a transparent company, as we do not cut corners in order to make a big profit like other companies. As we offer the best services at affordable prices on all our trips from day hikes, and tours to trekking and climbing peaks.

Our philosophy and policy are simply to offer the best to all our clients whether high-profile and diplomat clients or simple regular travelers. We always try harder and do our best to create and make every visitors feel at home in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Compared to other companies we always feel and understand the responsibility, that every traveler visiting Nepal. Including other Himalayan destinations, can achieve their goal of a lifetime of dreams. Where few agents in Nepal like Hiker Himalaya can provide all the requirements of our guests in making the holiday a great success.

So that each and every visitor can share their wonderful experience in Nepal with others, resulting in more interested travelers visiting Nepal. Hike Himalaya, is not only an adventure company it is also a place where every traveler can feel the difference from other agencies.

As we also do good welfare community work and volunteer in Nepal around needy rural farm villages around the country. That is why Hike Himalaya, with so much different from others, believes it just books with us and be a part of the family member of Hiker Himalaya.

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