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Langtang Region Trek

Langtang Region Treks, a snow mountain range located within the Central Himalayas of Nepal, is the closest mountain to the city of Kathmandu valley. Langtang Region, the first country’s mountainous national park enriched with exotic flora and fauna, is famous for its scenic valley.

As well as for dense forest of rhododendron which makes an excellent habitation for the elusive Red Panda. Including other mammals, different species of bird life are found within Langtang Region, a great Himalayan destination for short and long treks Langtang Himal with a group of adjoining peaks the highest is Langtang Lirung 7, 234 m, and Langtang at Ri 7, 205 m. Includes smaller peaks below 7,000 meters like Dorje Lakpa 6, 866 m with Loenpo Gang 6, 979 m, and many others.

The most popular peak for beginners in mountaineering climbing practice is the Yala peak at 5,520 m and 18, 110 feet high. Langtang Himal draws many trekkers and adventurers and is the 3rd popular Himalayan destination after Annapurna and Everest regions. A beautiful country with rolling green hills and verdant scenic valleys, lined with enchanting alpine woodland.

Within the close surroundings of a high snow-capped mountain range in harmony with the immense local culture of lovely Tamang villages. A wonderful trekking destination, where one can enjoy scenic country walks for a week or more within its pristine wilderness.

Langtang Himal is an ideal and perfect adventure holiday region for families and school/college students. Adventure for all types of travelers and age groups from young to elderly people, without a problem of catching altitude sickness. Where the height reaches up to 3,860 m high at Kyanjin Gompa located within scenic Langtang Valley.

Kyanjin Gompa, a small settlement with many fine lodges to stay includes a wide range of food menus with homely warm hospitality. Langtang valley from Kyanjin extends towards the east, where energetic adventurers can enjoy tough adventures and climb over Tilman Col. As well as traverse over Ganja-La's pass of above 5,000 m high.

Langtang Region is also famous for a pilgrimage to the holy Gosainkund a glacial pond, located at 4, 381 m and 14,375 feet. Once a year the great colorful festival is held with thousands of Hindu pilgrims and devotees visiting for the dip and a bathe. In the sacred icy pond during monsoon time in August the pond with a temple of Lord Shiva. 

Interested travelers can combine the Langtang valley trek with Gosainkund and continue to walk to reach the Kathmandu valley rim crossing the high Gosainkund-La Pass.

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