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Foods On Trekking in Nepal

"Meals & Foods On Around Annapurna-Everest-Manaslu, Langtang Region & Off The Beaten Trails"

Overviews and Information:

Foods On Trekking in Nepal, Meals, and food around the main popular trekking trail, where visitors can enjoy all types of food and excellent meals. Most lodges with nice restaurants serve comprehensive food menus to enjoy your stay on the hills and mountains of Nepal. Trekkers can find delights with a wide range of foods available during the treks as well as fresh mountain bakeries.

Travelers will be amazed by the meals served in a cozy dining hall with the tune of soft local music. All meals are served with great care and hygiene, although some travelers can get sick and hard to digest. Not because of the meals, but changes in the environment, and altitude, and some are not used to the local spices.

Nepal, rapidly rising as the world's premier adventure and cultural destination, as well for relaxation holidays. The food quality has grown in various ways from fresh vegetables and cereals to packed sealed or trekking foods. Trekkers can purchase as per their requirement and the restaurant from small to quality café and restaurant has mushroomed. Serving all kinds of international food menus for the visitor’s delight with various flavors to enjoy.   

Around Annapurna Region:

Annapurna region is listed as the world’s top ten adventure destinations, and one of the most popular areas for trekking. Where all major standard lodges provide excellent comprehensive food menus, with freshly cooked meals.

All around the Annapurna region foods and the best meals are available from simple Nepalese meals to the famous Dal Bhat. As well as various continental foods from Mexican, Italian Chinese, Japanese or Korean to Tibetan and Indian foods. Meals are served as per one choice, vegetables as per season-wise, where visitors can enjoy fresh bakery products also. 

Breakfast from cereal, oats porridge, cereals of corn flakes to muesli and granola, followed by fresh-baked toast. Includes eggs verities from boiled, and fried, omelets to scrabble with tea-coffee or coca / hot chocolates. Where jam, butter, and honey are placed on the table to add as per your interest. In some cases, if fresh bread is not available one can enjoy chapatti, Tibetan bread, or pancakes.

Lunch is normally light due to the day walks, and can be noodle soup with vegetables and eggs or fried noodles. As well as potato boiled or fried with fry rice or boiled rice and mild vegetable curry. Dinner can be lavish with a variation of soups followed by the main course, either Nepali Dal Bhat.

Including Indian / Chinese dishes with noodles, pasta, or Spaghetti of variation, and in the end, enjoy the desert. The desserts include fresh-baked cakes, pies, custard or mixed fruits, or fresh fruits where available. 

Everest Region:

Everest region, Foods are of high quality and found in nearly all restaurants of the lodge that you spend overnights. Depending upon the standard of lodges and restaurants from simple to standard, nearly all lodges serve the same kind of food menu. While standard lodges offer a wide range of food menus for trekkers delights include Nepalese meals famous Dal Bhat. As well as various continental foods from Mexican, Italian Chinese, Japanese or Korean to Tibetan / Sherpa and Indian foods.

A similar type of breakfast and lunch as mentioned above like in Annapurna Region, the only lacks around mountains. Where fresh fruits except for during the seasons for fruits like apples which are grown on high hills.

Langtang Region:

Langtang region, Foods in local lodges are almost the same as in Annapurna and Everest regions on the route to Langtang valley and Gosainkunda. From the start Syabrubesi village with a wide range of food menus from continental to local meals.

While on the trek towards Langtang valley and Kyanjin, in between one can order simple local meals. But at Kyanjin the main destination one can find a comprehensive food menu that all trekkers can enjoy along with the views.

Manaslu Region:

Manaslu region, Starting from Soti-Khola or Machha-Khola food menu is simple due to the standard of the lodge that you stay in. From Jagat onwards, the food menu gets better with a wide range of choices, which one enjoys from one lodge to another. As the walk progress around Lo-Gaon and Sama-Gaon, the food menu with a wide variety of seasons wise, one can find continental.

Includes oriental to local foods with Indian / Chinese with Tibetan and famous Nepalese Dal Bhat, rice with lentil soup, and vegetables with mild curry with pickles. But at Dharmasala on the bottom of Larke-La Pass, due to limited lodges and restaurants, one has to suffice with a limited food menu. After Larke-La Pass the food menu gets better all the to Dharapani village with a wide range of meals to enjoy. 

Off the beaten trail:

On the off-the-beaten trail where few simple lodges are available with a limited choice of meals either enjoy local Nepalese Dal Bhat, or noodles with soup or fried as well as having local chapatti bread. But on camping, all foods are carried whereas trekking cooks are experts who can serve all types of meals from western to eastern meals. Can prepare bakery products like cakes and pies also.

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