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Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal, various areas that one can participate in along with trekking or hiking to rural villages of Nepal. Around Himalayan mid and high hills including schools in remote corners, that truly needs help and support. Hiker Himalaya Trek & Expeditions organize volunteering programs in Nepal, around far-flung farm villages, almost forgotten by various social organizations.

Volunteering in Nepal is another way one can enjoy helping and supporting poor villages and schools alike. Apart from financial help, visitors can stay for a few days or longer and learn the simple traditional farm life of age-old heritage. Besides, other adventure tourism in Nepal, volunteering and social service is a great way to show your gratitude while you plan your holiday. An opportunity to do some good works and deeds, which is quite different to normal tourism of the country. Volunteer and Social Services for interested visitors in Nepal, and what can be done to help and support. Around designated poor rural villages, in a short frame of time within 2-3 days or more to a week.

Basic Requirement and Things to do:

  • First of all, education is important, where one can give advice and suggestions on sanitized, safe drinking water, health care, and taking care of the pristine environment.
  • Learning as well identifying, the low or poor villagers and helping them in social and economy through charity, financially or donating to needy materials and tools as well helping them with the construction of schools and houses.
  • Encourage villagers in preserving their natural resources like green vegetation and forest, as well improve their farming technique to yield more harvest as per season-wise.
  • Teaching in local schools, with various subjects of great interest and knowledge to share, like paintings, singing-dancing, as well handling educational materials like stationaries that some poor students in great need as well related school books.
  • Maintain and take care of walking trails, so that other visitors can reach from one village to another quite easily making it much accessible.
  • Constructing simple toilets and taking care of hygiene and sanitation, keeping the villages as safe and clean as possible.
  •  Helping to bring the safe water in the village as well in local schools with pipelines from the nearest source of water, from rivers, streams or creeks.
  •  Most important is reforestation and planting trees suitable for the local environment.

Volunteering in Nepal and taking part in social services will certainly be an enjoyable experience of your holiday in Nepal. Where you can have fun and excitement staying in rural farm villages. Best for school/college students it will be an educational trip with volunteering, learning more of local culture in the shade of the Himalayan mountain range.

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