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It used to be in the past decades till May 28th, 2008, and then Shah Regime was abolished of more than 240 years of monarchy, at present Nepal a Democratic Republic nation with Multi-Party Democracy.

Nepal can be reached by various international flights as well on overland from neighboring countries India and Tibet China. Nepal has its own national carrier Nepal Airlines flying about 10 international destinations by its Airbus A320. Take off from Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport the first and only international airport of Nepal. Nepal Airlines fly to major Asian countries, like Dubai, and the Indian cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Including Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Soon will fly to European countries' main cities like London, Paris, and Amsterdam. Besides Nepal Airlines one can fly on connecting flights from all around the world with Air India, Quarter Airways, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Thai Air, and Air China, China Southern Airlines, Air Asia, and Druk Air of Bhutan.

Hinduism is the major religion of more than 80 % with Buddhism of near 15 % rest minor religions of Islamic, Jain, Sikhism, and Christianity. Besides Hinduism and Buddhism, some indigenous hill and mountain tribes also practice their ancient cult and custom. Nepal is a melting pot of all religions and amazing colorful cultures of age-old heritage.

For the first entry tourist visa of a minimum of 2 weeks with a maximum of 30 days, one can stay longer if desired extending the visa, almost every month of a year paying some amounts as per the current rates. (Make payment at the bank according to your visa requirement ( 15/30/90 Days)).

Nepal is well known and famous for the high Himalayan Mountain range as well as for the world's highest peaks. Besides hundreds of 600 m and 7,000 meters mountains, Nepal captures the world’s 8th highest peaks of above 8,000 meters high, namely Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and Mt. Cho-Oyu with. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu, and the last 10th world highest Mt. Annapurna.

Most of the highest Himalayan range of mountains is concentrated in Nepal, which extends from the Far East to the Western part of the country, with many world highest peaks. That makes Nepal the most sought adventure destination on this planet, besides mountains, Nepal is lively with colorful cultures of both Hindu and Buddhist religions. A country of great bio-diversity where one can travel from the low land of tropical climate covered with dense jungles to high cooler hills and towards artic cold zone of remorseless fields of ice and glaciers in a short period.

Due to Nepal's only international airport in Kathmandu, the capital and main commercial hub of the country, all adventure begins from Kathmandu taking options of short flights and drives to reach the starting and ending point of the treks and other adventure. For Everest flight to Lukla, around southern Annapurna, from the beautiful scenic city of Pokhara and so on……….

With more than 1,000 travel agencies and trekking companies in Nepal at present for the past 30 years, tourism is one of the major sources of the economy of the country. Visitors can book from home countries as well on arrival in Kathmandu, where most travel and trekking companies locate as well as some in the city of Pokhara also.

Nepal for all seasons, depending upon the choice of your holiday trips, however, the main high and peak seasons start in spring March to May, and autumn / fall during September to November, as well around the winter months of December to February.

Yes, FIT (Free individual Travelers / Trekkers) or solo / single person can trek around Nepal, but only on main major trekking destinations like a few areas of Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang Himal region. For other remote and wild destinations not allowed without a properly licensed guide from reputed local trekking agencies that are Regisrated with Nepal Government related to the tourism department.

Nepal has 12 National Parks and Wildlife Reserve, as well one Hunting Reserve area, with 6 Conservation Areas, and 12 Buffer Zones. The most famous and popular is Chitwan National Park for wild-life safari, located mid-south of tropical climate with dense deep jungles. Which makes an excellent habitation of many species of mammals and birdlife, like tiger, leopard, deer, rhinoceros, and other animals. Another national park for safari is Bardiya National Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserves. There are national parks in high mountainous areas, Everest, Langtang, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, and Manaslu area.

Yes, depending upon what time of interest one has for elephant safari on the lookout for wildlife Chitwan is famous for jungle activities and safari, as well Bardiya and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Mountainous National Park, where you have to trek to reach within the parks, like Sagarmatha national park of Everest, likewise Langtang and Dolpo national parks includes many others enriched with flora and fauna.

Nepal with many private airline companies, where one can rely on for the fastest way to reach your Himalayan destinations for treks and other adventure or leisure scenic tours. Only when the weather gets bad and unfavorable for short flights, especially in mountainous regions like Lukla, Jomsom, Jhupal / Dolpo, and Simikot in western Nepal.

One of the most spectacular flights in all Himalayas, and probably in the whole world, in Kathmandu and at Pokhara we organize mountain flights to Everest and Langtang, for Annapurna base camp from the city of Pokhara. The helicopter does not land at Everest base camp due to lack of Helipad and space to land, the movement of glaciers and rockfalls damages the landing pad. However, it flies close to Mt. Everest and adjoining high peaks and lands on scenic spots for close grand views of Mt. Everest a mere distance from base camp.

Either take a helicopter flight of more than three hours or enjoy a daily schedule of Everest Mountain flights of little less than an hour. Most domestic airlines do a round trip on a Mountain flight with excellent views of Mt. Everest with the panorama of Himalayan peaks.

The trekking grade is from moderate to adventurous, starting with easy gradual and scenic walks in the beginning, as you reach a higher area above 3,000 m, where one has to take it slow due to high altitude. Great scenic walks of 4-5 hours a day with steep ups and downhill, as long you take rest and shortstops can do this trek without any difficulty. It entirely depends on how you take it as well the fitness of a person.

Kathmandu valley and city, surrounded by high rolling green hills dotted with many farm villages and terraces, where one can enjoy day hike as well for more with grand views of Central Himalaya range of peaks within fresh country air to breathe.

Interesting and impressive, visiting ancient monuments of more than 2,500 years old Buddhist monasteries, Stupas, and temples with the old palace and beautiful royal courtyards. Where visitors can enjoy local cultures and customs of great interests, where a tour guide will provide full information of the area of the tour. Kathmandu and the adjoining cities of Patan, Bhaktapur are steeped with famous ancient structures listed in World Heritage Sites.

More than a hundred thousands of tourists visit Nepal each year, from all around the world, only a few from South and Central America mostly Australian, British, USA, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swiss and Russian including Scandinavian countries. Most from Asian countries Indian, Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong-Kong, Singapore, and Malaysians with Korean and Japanese, etc...

Various famous and beautiful places to explore around Nepal, depending upon one interest and time durations for holiday in Nepal. All exciting activities start in Kathmandu visiting places of great historical and religious wonders, and its two main cities are equally fascinating to visit its wonderful old sites of temples and palaces. Most travelers visit Nepal for scenic trekking, as the country offers a wide range of famous adventure destinations for adventurers, trekkers, and mountaineers. Pokhara is another famous tourist spot, blessed with the natural beauty of mountains and lakes. As well the most important and famous Lumbini the birthplace of Lord Buddha located in Far South West Nepal.

Nepal with an area of 147, 181 sq. km covers only 0.03 % of the earth. Located in between Main China and Tibet in the North, with India towards south, west, and east with a population of more than 23 million. A landlocked country with the nearest sea-port is 644 km or 400 miles from the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean.

Various northern Himalaya region villages with a close border to Tibet / China, the closest from the capital Kathmandu, is Kyirong / Gyirong County at a driving distance of 126 km of about 6-7 hours drive. The other old entry border point of Nepal and Tibet / China in Kodari and Zangmu of 72 km take 3-4 hour driving journey.

One can fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu and Nepal international airport of little more than an hour scenic flight with a panorama of the Himalayan range includes a view of Mt. Everest. Or take an overland journey of 600 km distance from Kathmandu to Lhasa, with various overnight stops on towns and cities of Tibet on route Lhasa taking 4-5 days, as per the itinerary days set by your travel agents.

Normally, some people do get slight headaches and nausea as you stay at the same altitude for some days, you will get acclimatized and take things easy and drink enough water, or any fluids like soup and light green tea or hot drinks. If the symptoms get worse either return on a flight to Kathmandu or the nearest low areas for recovery, if traveling overland your guide will take you to the nearest medical post and hospitals and break the journey and return to Kathmandu.

Depending upon your interest and curiosity about what Tibet looks like, it's worth visiting taking the route from Kathmandu either by air or overland. It is also the world's highest and largest tableland or plateau. Where you will be on tour to exciting and interesting sites visiting various historical and religious monasteries including the majestic Potala Palace the pride and landmark of Tibet. It will be a great lifetime experience on top of the world.

Yes, many tour agents in Kathmandu operate and organize tours of Bhutan, the most popular and normal route to reach the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan by air. Flying on Bhutan national carrier Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines that lands you at Paro city/town Bhutan’s International Airport, and then reach your desired destinations driving from Paro.

Bhutan, the small Himalayan Kingdom with an area of 38,394 sq. km, a landlocked country within the Eastern Himalaya range, the close border with India in the south, west, and east, as well close to Bangladesh towards due south. Bhutan borders Tibet / China in the north of the Himalayan range.

Bhutan, the only Himalaya kingdom and Buddhist country that exists in this world, the country is famous for magnificent arts and crafts. Includes huge monasteries and fortresses called Dzong, a great country for its small territory wise with unique bio-diversity. From low land of sub-tropic climate to cooler alpine hills with an arctic zone of ice and glaciers in the north. The most famous and pride of Bhutan is Taking Monastery known as Tigers Nest or Lair. Its age-old culture and custom are equally impressive and fascinating along with its scenic landscapes.

A great interesting tour combination of all great scenic and cultural countries of Himalaya, yes nearly all tour agents in Nepal can organize and run tour of Nepal best places with Tibet and Bhutan of more than a week or more of two weeks, a wonderful way to enjoy and experience a holiday in Himalaya.

After searching on websites, the best local companies of Nepal like Hiker Himalaya Treks, can contact us by e-mail or call us for further booking information of the country that you wish to visit from Kathmandu-Nepal. On booking let us know the date and flight details as well the country of interest, so that we can organize all necessary arrangements well in advance, as well sending passport details and trip cost of 50 % in advance, rest to be paid on arrival before your trip departure. Bhutan and Tibet require booking and confirmation at least a minimum of a month ahead.

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