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Our policy, Terms and Condition


Welcome and Namaste!

Our policy, Terms, and Condition, To all our wide-world valued clients and customers, especially for interested travelers and visitors to Nepal, and for other neighboring countries around Himalayan destinations. Hiker Himalaya Treks and Expeditions takes the pleasure of introducing our company, offering various information regarding the trip we run and organize. The company was established and managed by a group of professional and veteran guides and staff, offering the very best services to our respected clients. Although the company was established just a decade ago, all our guides and staff of Hiker Himalaya Treks and Expeditions are experts with many years of experience in tourism.    

Hiker Himalaya Treks and Expeditions, based in the heart of Kathmandu-Nepal run and managed by a team of native Nepalese. Who knows in-depth of the country as well of various Himalayan destinations, and would like to share our knowledge with all travelers visiting Nepal. Showing you the wonders of the Himalayan countries of great charm and interest. Before signing up and booking with Hiker Himalaya Treks and Expeditions, please read carefully our Terms & Conditions, so that there won’t be any misunderstanding between you and the company. After reading and understanding the nature of our policy and philosophy, what we provide to make your stay enjoyable and memorable with us. Then you can book and contact us for further necessary details regarding the trip of your choice.

When booking with us:

First of all, we are extremely pleased in choosing us for a wonderful adventure or leisure holiday in Nepal. After reading and noting the important details in our Terms & Conditions, you might be in doubt whether you chose the right trip with us. Before booking, please make sure in choosing the trips of choice as per your holiday duration for Nepal, or other Himalayan destinations. Like Bhutan and Tibet and you may send us queries and questions if uncertain regarding the trip.

  • After collecting all the information and details of the trip, we then proceed to book with us, sending us a minimum of 25% down payment for chosen trips in Nepal. 
  • For neighboring countries Bhutan, India, and Tibet, a minimum of 50 % in advance, which can be transferred to our given company’s Bank Account in Kathmandu / Nepal.
  • The rest of the remaining balance is to be paid on arrival in Kathmandu, before your tour/trek/climb departures. The company then will issue a receipt and acknowledgment of the full payment of respective trips. 
  • For foreigners apart from Indian nationality, payment should be inapplicable currencies as per the rules of Nepal State Bank. Like US $ - UK Pounds, Euro or Chinese Yuan, Swiss France, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Australian Dollars, as per the current exchange rates.
  • As for Indian nationality should be in Indian Rupees or equivalent to Nepalese Rupees, (Indian bigger bills of Rupees 1,000 and 500 not accepted).
  • Payment in Credit Card 2-4 % surcharge or handling charge on the outstanding balance will be added, but no surcharge on Cheque as well on the bank transfer. 
  • Booking should be made a minimum of two weeks ahead before your departure for trips in Nepal. As well as sending your Passport Details and present PP. size photo’s including your international flight details so that we can receive you at the airport on arrival for transfer to respective hotels in Kathmandu.

Booking in Final and Last Hour before a day trip departures:

We also accept your last hour booking in certain situations and conditions, on the very eve of respective trip departure chosen with payment of 100 % payment or a week, before starting dates of the trip, this will be only for Nepal, excluding Tibet, Bhutan Trips as well for holidays in India.

Hiker Himalaya Treks & Expeditions Bank Details as follows:

  1. Address of Bank Account and Banks
  2. Credit Card (visa & master):
  3. Please call us 009779851191053 to pay over the phone.
  4. Pay Online:
  5. Please print out the form; fill up it duly signed

Cancellation of respective and chosen Trips:

Travelers interested in joining and booking with Hiker Himalaya Treks & Expeditions might need to cancel or postpone the chosen trips in Nepal or other Himalayan countries. Due to personal reasons like domestic, health, medical or holiday not been sanctioned or allowed from works related. In these cases and situations after paying us the minimum cost in advance. Where cancellation fee will be valid and applied and one needs to inform us or our GSA (General Sales Agents) overseas, where you booked from. Information of cancellation should be made the earliest the better.

  • As cancellation charge can be higher, if not informed an early minimum of 25 %.
  • Will be charged for a month's advance notification of your trip cancellation.
  • Informing us, after two to three weeks before the trip departure cancellation charge will reach up to 60 % from the actual trip cost and of advance payments.
  • There will be no refund if the client does not reach Kathmandu and at the time of trip departure, in case of a no-show situation, this will lead to paying us more including from the advance down payments.
  • The reason for the cancellation charge is that we have to book the hotel accommodation in Kathmandu or beyond, including the local lodge on treks. As well as booking domestic flight tickets as per the itineraries, including ground transportation and allocation of our guide and porters. 
  • If canceled we have to pay cancellation charges as well to respective booking places hotels, trekking lodges, and domestic airlines including transport agencies. If trekking or climbing all permits and national and conservation tickets will go waste. As we make all booking and other needful arrangements well in advance before clients arrival in Kathmandu.
  • People who have bought Travel / Medical Insurance can claim from respective Insurance companies back home, in this case, Hiker Himalaya Treks will issue a letter, regarding cancellation due to health or other personal reason and circumstances.     

Trips We Run and Organize:

All our tours, trekking, short hiking, and peak climbing with standard itineraries provided, with enough time to explore the local culture. As well as to immerse into beautiful environments and amazing scenery of high Himalayan peaks, with rest days to relax with grand views and for acclimatization on high altitude areas.

  • Our wide-rang[e of trips starts from arrival in Kathmandu with a sightseeing tour at places of great interest around World Heritage Sites, a tour of best places in Nepal with Jungle safaris at famous Chitwan, and Bardiya National Parks.
  • Short day hiking, for people with interest to see more of a Himalayan mountain range, including mountain biking, white-water to scenic rafting with many other adventure sports.
  • The main and major program with Hiker Himalaya is trekking, where one can book for a short moderate trek of a week, or an adventurous trek of more than a week duration. We also organize and run major mountaineering expeditions and trekking peak climbing also.
  • Travelers booking with us can feel free to ask for more details and information which is on our home page and internet sites also.
  • All our trips are unique and the best using nice hotels, lodge as well we provide camping on remote areas of Nepal Himalaya, with full camping gear includes separate kitchen unit of cooks and kitchen staff, along with guides and strong porters to carry heavier gears. 

In case of diversion of treks and re-route to other options from our side:

Please understand and be positive, all our trips are guaranteed but in some special situations and conditions. Trips might get delayed or lead to cancellation due to bad unfavorable weather even in the best time of the year. As some of our trips and treks involve domestic flights to reach the start and finishing point of the trek. Like a short scenic flight to Lukla for Everest region trekking or climb, and for Dolpo, Mustang treks. Where sometimes flights get delayed or canceled due to bad weather conditions, in this case, we might need to divert the trek to other destinations. Not only with flights, including roadblocks due to sudden landslides as well as political strikes that lead to tough obstacles. 

In these natural calamities, the company will try its best to make your time in Nepal exciting and enjoyable. That is maintaining safety and security for all members in the group, staff, guides, and porters also. In this type of situation cancellation and re-route or diversion of trekking and tour destination, there will be no re-fund instead the company will issue a strong letter to support for insurance claim and reimbursement.

Staying fit and healthy for the trek and climb:

Nepal and all Himalayan countries, where travelers have to encounter many ups and downhill with fewer level or flat paths and trails for walking. When booking with us at least one month in advance or earlier, some physical exercise for an hour every day will be the best to maintain fitness and health. Depending upon the choice of trips, trekking or climb or leisure sightseeing tours, however, where people booked for trekking needs good exercise as per the grade of trekking chosen for Nepal Himalaya mountainous destinations.

Grade of Trekking and Tour for exercise:

Leisure to Moderate Grade:

Leisure to Moderate grade trips includes short walks on tour, hiking, and trekking for the tour, and the short hike is not compulsory and you should exercise which is optional. But for trekking of moderate grade, that involves a few hour climbs and downhill walks of a few days to a week trek. Requires one needs to be fit with regular exercise, jogging, swimming walking up and downstairs for an hour every day before trip departure for Nepal.   

Moderate to Adventurous Grade:

Requires to be extremely fit and healthy as the trek involves many steep ups and downhill with few winding trails. Walking at high altitudes above 3,000 m or more might include high Himalayan passes, as per the itinerary chosen. However, good regular exercise jogging, running, aerobics, and swimming as well as walking up and down steps, will be great for this type of grade in Nepal Himalaya.

Adventurous to Challenging Grade:

Involves extreme long-distance walks and climbs of steep hills and mountain pass of above 5,000 m high. Much of the walk on high altitude region on average above 2,500 m to 4, 000 meters. Needs to be physically fit and in sound, healthy to take the adventurous and challenging grade trekking around the Himalayas. A good exercise before and after booking the trip of choice with daily jogging, running or other best exercise like aerobic, swimming and of course walking steep steps up and down.

Traveling with Children and Infants as well elderly persons:

Especially for family and parents with young children and infants, can join in our tour and short hike as well elderly people of not more than 70 years old. Children and elderly persons should be accompanied by close ones, parents, and guardians to take care during the chosen leisure to moderate holidays in Nepal.

Publicity and photography for promotion: 

Sometimes our company accompanying photographer or guide and staff on treks or tour may take pictures with you in the photograph which will be used for brochure and websites to promote our trips. In this case, requesting you to allow us to use the picture taken with you and the group. As well we might borrow your nice pictures for future promotion and advertising.

Changes on trip cost:

As mentioned in our programs at the website or other medium, we try our best to maintain the present trip cost. Somehow due to high and sudden inflation, where respective countries including Nepal and other Himalayan destinations may increase the price without prior notice. Therefore we at Hiker Himalaya Treks with no options have to follow and maintain our standard of services, in this situation, the price might differ slightly from the original trip cost.

Your expenses and extra from trip cost:

On booking with us most facilities are included as per the trip cost, including hotels in Kathmandu and beyond to main cities of Nepal like Pokhara, on a bed and breakfast basis. But while on treks and tours all meals and accommodation included breakfast, lunch, and dinner with afternoon tea/snacks. 

  • Except for Kathmandu and Pokhara, all rooms are on a twin-sharing basis, if one needs private separate rooms at extra cost on top of the trip cost. All accommodation in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan on tourist standard hotels from 2-3 stars, on the trip cost as mentioned in our itineraries. People who wish to upgrade the standard of hotels in Kathmandu / Pokhara to 5 stars deluxe, have to pay extra on top of the trip cost.
  • Other expenses tipping in hotels, restaurants, and on tour for guides and drives as well on trekking and climbing trips to the whole staff, guides, and porters involved.
  • If you break from the trip on route trekking and tour, due to health, medical, or any other personal problem, on leaving the main group in the middle of tour and treks, one has to bear the expenses to return to Kathmandu, including meals and accommodation and transport of the escort, guide or staff.
  • That includes emergency helicopter rescue and evacuation also, where clients have to bear the expenses if required. The other personal expenses on treks buying bottled water, side snacks and drinks, or other refreshments.   

Seasons and Weather:

  • Weather plays an important part of the trip, on tours and treks or climbing peaks, 
  • Nepal and other Himalayan destinations with five main seasons.
  • Spring from mid-Feb to May, summer / Monsoon from June to August, and autumn/fall start from September to November with winter from December to early February months. 
  • Nepal for all seasons, however spring and autumn pre-winter the best time for tours, trekking, and mountaineering. June to August are the wet rainy times.
  • However, sometimes even in a good time of the year of peak trekking season weather can be bad and unfavorable, where trekking and flights to mountainous areas will be affected for some days. In this situation, the clients will be informed regarding the weather condition and change of plan and itinerary days.
  • Sometimes, we have to arrange a special helicopter charter to reach the start or at the end of the trekking, where members have to pay extra for taking helicopter services. 

Risk and Liabilities: 

Hiker Himalaya Treks & Expeditions are fully committed to the safety of our valued clients and customers, including all staff, guides, and porters in all the programs that we run and organize.

  • However, the whole holiday program in and around Himalayas countries have their own rules and regulation to follow. Sometimes due to political uprises, riots, and unrest, the trip has to be canceled or with the change of destinations.
  • Including other calamities like roadblocks, landslides, and floods, in this situation, the company will try every effort to continue and make the trip enjoyable.
  • If nothing can be done, the company will not be responsible for unavoidable circumstances, as well as extra expenses incurred should be borne by the clients.
  • Unavoidable situations may arise once in a blue moon, where Hiker Himalaya Treks will try the best for the client’s conveyance and safety. To make the best of your holiday in the Himalayas, with a memorable and enjoyable experience to take back home. 
  • Lastly, you might have tried the rest, but Hiker Himalaya Treks is the best, to show you the wonders and magic of Himalaya.

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