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Tours in Nepal

Tour Nepal, and enjoy the country blessed with exciting activities around places of great cultural, historical, and religious interests. Besides other adventures that Nepal Himalayas is famous for, various interesting sites to explore from scenic views to heritage tours. Nepal, is a country of great Himalayas range with most world's highest peaks, for visitors to enjoy stunning views. While relaxing in the comfort of nice luxury hotels and resorts that Nepal has to offer for interested travelers.

Nepal is also a popular destination for its unique culture and traditions that still exist and are practiced. As it were in the past thousands of years with the same ritual and custom worship of gods and goddesses.Tour in Nepal, with various options and places for a visit from main cities and towns to rural farm villages. Where most ancient glories of historical and religious monuments, are included in World Heritage Sites of both Hindu and Buddhist religions. Kathmandu valley's three cities are equally important and interesting places for sightseeing tours.

Where one can witness great works of art and masterpiece architecture in old temples and monasteries. Nepal is also proud of its origin the famous pagoda with tiers of roof that flourished throughout Asia. Within Kathmandu city, enjoy a day tour of wonderful cultural sites related to religions of ancient times. Includes beautiful palaces and royal courtyards to temples and visit old Swayambhunath a famous landmark of the country.

That stands on a hillock overlooking Kathmandu city, extending the tour to the most important Hindu temple of Lord Shiva at Pashupatinath. Another great place to visit is the large dome stupa of Bouddhanath and its interesting circular market. Witness the great Stupa with the all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha with devotees of all walks of life on pilgrimage. Tour continues within Kathmandu valley and its neighboring cities of Patan and Bhaktapur. Where you will have the opportunity to catch glimpse of age-old culture with ancient customs. That still exists as it were for the past hundreds of centuries looking at old palaces with intricate designs on old buildings.

Beyond Kathmandu valley with a wide range of interesting places to explore, Pokhara is another impressive city blessed by nature. Located on the lap of the massive Annapurna Himalaya that reflects on its calm lakes.  Places to visit in Pokhara the Sarangkot Hill for stunning sunrise views over a snow-capped mountain range, with many areas of natural wonders. Last but the least tour of the historical hub of Buddhist followers at Lumbini the birthplace of Lord Buddha known as The Light of Asia.

Nepal has much more to offer for leisure sightseeing tours around its beautiful country. From scenic views to spiritual holy spots blended with both Hindu and Buddhist religions.  

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