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Hiker Himalaya Treks & Expedition

Tsum valley Trek

Trip code TVT-36
Package name Tsum valley Trek
Duration 15 Days
Max. elevation 3724 Meter
Transportation private vehicle, Public bus tickets
Accomodation Three-star Hotel in Kathmandu; best Available Lodges on route trek
Starts at kathmandu
Ends at kathmandu
Trip route Kathmandu-Arughat Bazaar-Soti Khola-Machha-Khola-Jagat-Lokpa-Chumling-Chhokang Paro-Nile-Mu Gomba-Chumling-Jagat-Machha-Khola-Soti Khola-Kathmandu
Cost USD 1,035 per person



Tsum Valley Trek, an adventure to Nepal's Far Mid-West Himalaya, takes you towards the remote north end of the Gorkha district Manaslu region. Where it touches the border of Southern West Tibet, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in an impressive age-old culture.

In the close backdrop of massif Ganesh Himal, also called Yangra at7,422 m and 24,450 feet high. Shringi Himal is 7083 m / 23, 238 feet, and Mt. Manaslu is the world's 8th tallest at 8, 163 m / 26,781 feet.

For hundreds of years, the country remained forbidden for outside travelers but opened its door from 2008 onwards. But some restrictions allow a few groups of visitors on paying a special fee to enter Tsum the valley of happiness. A perfect adventure for trekkers in search of a fresh new country to explore and immerse in a wonderful location.

This trek offers the vivid culture of ancient days in the close harmony of beautiful views of the snow mountains. Where villages still practice the old traditional farm life and raise livestock of yaks, goats, and sheep. Tsum valley was also a gateway to Tibet from Mid-West Nepal following the old Trans Himalaya Salt Trade route.

An amazing country to experience once in your lifetime, where Hiker Himalaya will guide you to this hidden marvelous land. The Tsum Valley, taking a drive from Kathmandu to reach around Gorkha low farm areas of Arughat and Soti-Khola.

Where our adventure and walk begin following the raging Buri-Gandaki River upstream fed on the glaciers of Manaslu and Ganesh Himal. Walk heads above sub-tropical farm villages to reach a cooler alpine zone covered in a lovely forest of pines and rhododendron trees.

Encountering several hill villages of Maccha-Khola, Tatopani a place with a natural hot spring, and Jagat to reach Lokpa. The route to Tsum Valley diverts on leaving the main trail of the Manaslu circuit to enter the first village of Tsum at Chumling.

From here onwards into the forgotten land a Shangri-La, overlooking views of the great snow peaks of Ganesh, Shringi Himal. As the trek progress enjoy the exciting surrounding views and the local immense traditional heritage and culture around the villages.

Walk heads higher for overnight stops at Chumling, Chhkang Paro, and the Nile to reach, the final destination at Mu Gomba. Staying at Nile (pronounced as Neele) for two more overnights, as this village provides better accommodation and meals than at Mu Gomba. On the way to Mu Gomba with vast windswept terrain, that resembles the Tibetan plateau of dry and arid landscapes.

At Mu Gomba, visit the monastery interior steeped with ancient idols of Buddha, saints, and other famous Gurus. The oldest monasteries in the region of more than 500 years old history. Located on the lap of the high Himalayan range North of Ganesh Himal, known as Yantra, in the local language of Tibetan origin.

Explore the area, as well as the land where elusive snow leopards and herds of blue sheep are often seen around. Back to the Nile for the return journey with time to visit Guru Millerepa meditation cave a great saint of the 11th century. Milarepa, a poet, singer, and tantric guru good word of wisdom is still remembered by natives to this day.

The walk is easier on the way down with a few short climbs to encounter heading past the lovely villages of Philm, and Jagat. As route leads into green vegetation of tall tree lines to reach at Soti-Khola for the drive back to Kathmandu.

Enjoy the long and exciting drive past rural farm villages and towns, and then on the main highway to reach Kathmandu. Where our overwhelming adventure concludes in Kathmandu, after a wonderful experience on Tsum Valley Trek.

Physical fitness:

Tsum Valley is a challenging trek where you often have to walk 6-7 hours a day. You do not need the experience of hiking or hiking past but if you do any kind of hiking activities it is always a plus! We've met people from all walks of life, shapes, and sizes who have completed the trek.

The only hard part is when the disease attacks the height and the effect it can have on your body. Before going to Nepal, it is better to be physically ready by increasing your stamina and oxygen levels.

Experience cultural heritage and the unique life of the locals:

The locals are kind, humble, and friendly. People who live far away from modern society and prosperity are highly committed to their families, community, and faith. Buddhism is the main religion practiced by the locals in this region.

A cave in the hills is believed to have been mediated by a very famous Buddhist saint named Milarepa. On the trail, you will find many monasteries, stupas, gem walls, and prayer flags.

Packing list for Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek:

The following lists are the essential trekking gear that is recommended for trekking in Nepal and all listed gear can also buy easily in Kathmandu, Kathmandu has a number of shops selling the necessary clothes and gear for trekkers.

A few pairs of Thermal tops
Fleece jacket/pullover
Windcheater - waterproof shell jacket one pair
Down jacket -( It will be provided by the company if you do not have your own)
Comfortable Fleece/wool trousers
Trekking pants- at least 2 pairs
Mittens/woolen gloves
Warm Hiking socks
Trekking sue with spare laces
Pair of flip flop
Underwear & Swiming costume
Hiking Cotton trousers/t-shirts
Sun hat/scarf
Sleeping bag -( It will be provided by the company if you do not have your own)
Trekking poles (Not 100%)
Day bag above 40 L
1 set- Headlamp
Small lock for the day backpack
Reusable water bottles- 2 letters
Water purification tablets/ electric light
Wash towel
Toiletries (wet tissue, quick-drying towel, toilet paper, moisturizers, lip balms, sunscreens, sanitary pads, hand sanitizer, nail clipper, small mirror, toothpaste & brush, etc)
Rain poncho
Basic personal first aid kit

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival at Kathmandu via respective airlines and transfer to hotel:

On arrival in Kathmandu and Nepal International Airport via various international airlines, received our guide and staff for a short transfer to the heart of Kathmandu city. Where your hotel is located, after checking into your rooms and then meet other members of the trip at the hotel lobby for briefing.

The briefing includes important information regarding Tsum Valley Trek, to make your holiday in Nepal more enjoyable. The evening group welcomes dinner in a lovely Nepalese Restaurant with an introduction to the culture of Nepal with folk dance and music.

Meals: Breakfast, Accommodation: Three-star category hotel in Kathmandu, distance: 5 kilometers from Airpot to Thamel 

Day 2 : In Kathmandu free day for a sightseeing tour at places of interest:

A free day in Kathmandu preparation for the trek includes a sightseeing tour around Kathmandu valley at places of great historical and religious interest.

The city is steeped with ancient world heritage sites, where the tour takes you around renowned landmarks, like the old Durbar / Palace Square with old Swayambhunath of more than 2,500 years old Stupa, a Buddhist religious monument. Includes the holy Hindu temple of Pashupatinath and the large dome stupa of Bouddhanath of great cultural and religious interest.

Meals: Breakfast, Accommodation: Three-star category hotel in Kathmandu

Day 3 : Drive to Soti Khola 700 m / 2, 296 feet via Arughat Bazaar 550 m / 1,805 feet, -07 hrs:

Starting early morning after a hearty breakfast, board a vehicle, to the size of a group, either in a four-wheel drive or in a comfortable coach or public bus. As drive lead on the main highway past many interesting towns and villages with farms areas to reach low warm areas of Gorkha district in Arughat.

From here drive continues following the Buri-Gandaki River upstream past paddy fields and terraces to reach Soti-Khola/ Machha kola for the first overnight stop on the way to Tsum valley.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Sotikhola, Distance: 136.5 Kilometers

Day 4 : Trek to Machha Khola 869 m / 2, 851 feet, -06 hrs:

First-day walks begin after a long drive to Soti-Khola, a morning trek following the river into a steep valley, covered in thick forest with several small villages that dot the hillside. Walk follows to a wide valley opposite a tributary stream that joins with the Buri-Gandaki River. On walks facing lovely views of cultivated terraced of Lap-Besi upper village as the route descends to a wide, sandy riverbed following a trail that meanders below a steep, craggy valley side.

As the adventure progress a slow steady climb to Machha Khola for an overnight stop. A small village with several teashops and a small lodge, Maccha Khola means Fish Stream. The village is growing bigger as the motor roads reach Machha-Khola in a short time.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Machha Khola, Distance: 14.1 Kilometers 

Day 5 : Trek to Jagat 1, 340 m / 4, 396 feet, -07 hrs:

After a first-day walk and overnight in Maccha-Khola village, the second day leads through interesting farm villages within nice cultivated fields. As morning walk heads past Machha Khola (Fish Stream), where the name of the village is derived, and then upstream to reach Khola-Bensi village a place with Tatopani a natural 'hot spring'.

The journey continues on a broad gravel field towards Lauri stream crossing over a bridge and then climbing on a high trail that leads to descending into an open valley of Yara Khola, as the trek continues for another hour to reach Jagat a nice hill village for an overnight stop.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Jagat, Distance: 22 Kilometers

Day 6 : Trek to Lokpa 2, 240 m / 7, 349 feet,- 06 hrs:

From Jagat nice village with pleasant overnight, the morning starts downhill to long stone steps to reach the river, where our route climbs towards the terraced hillside of Saguleri.

Enjoy views of Shringi Himal as the walk continues with ups and down to reach a bridge above the Buri-Gandaki River. Crossing over, where trail winds lead up to another large lovely village at Philm enriched with well-cultivated crop fields and terraces. From here past spread-out villages then climb to golden fields of wheat and barley to reach a rocky ridge top.

The area is covered with dense bamboo forest and a walk leads to a lonely place at Eklai Bhatti, which means a lonely Inn, at present, this small settlement has been overgrown with more shops and tea houses. After a short rest head towards Lokpa, as the route diverts to the North West where Lokpa, a small hill village located for an overnight stop in a simple lodge. From here onward into more Buddhism strong culture.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Lokpa, Distance: 10.5 Kilometer

Day 7 : Trek to Chumling 2, 385 m / 7, 824 feet, -05 hrs:

After a pleasant overnight stop at Lokpa, on leaving the main trail of the Manaslu route, where walks lead to enter towards Tsum valley, proceed past a few small farmlands and scattered villages with grand views of Ganesh and Manaslu Himal range, slowly walk comes to an end on reaching Chumling, a nice and first village of Tsum area.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Chumling, Distance: 7.3 Kilometer

Day 8 : Trek to Chhokang Paro 3, 031 m / 9, 944 feet:

From Chumling onwards into the main glory and highlights of the adventure within Tsum the valley of happiness. Morning walk on a gradual winding trail with a small patch of the forested area of juniper, rhododendron, and pines. As route leads downhill to cross over a bridge above Smatiking Khola / stream, facing views of Ganesh Himal the local call as Yangra of Tibetan origin language.

Walk up into a hillside with a slow gradual climb to Chhokang-Paro for an overnight stop, a nice moderate farm village with large crop fields growing potatoes, millets, barley, and buckwheat.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Chumling, Distance: 7.4 Kilometer

Day 9 : Trek to Nile 3,361 m / 11, 026 feet.

Today’s walk takes you inner valley of Tsum, an exciting morning trek to reach our main target, as the route lead on a nice pleasant winding path within an open and exposed terrain. Within dramatic arid and dry country similar to Tibetan plateau landscapes as well with local fascinating culture of Buddhism religion.

Where walk takes you past a few prayer monuments, as tree lines give away for smaller juniper and dwarf rhododendron bushes known as Azaleas flowering shrubs. The journey continues with closer views of Shringi and Ganesh Himal heading into a wide-open dry country to reach at nice village of Nile, pronounced as Neele also.

Before the Nile one can take a side hike to Saint Millerepa meditation cave a great Guru of the 11th century, known as a poet, singer as well tantric guru. His folk stories, good words of wisdom, and songs are still remembered by Tibetans and the mountain villagers of the Tsum and Manaslu areas to this day. On reaching the Nile check into a nice simple lodge with the warm hospitality of the native, with time to immerse in glorious views of snow peaks and surrounding beautiful scenery.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Nile, Distance: 4.9 Kilometer

Day 10 : At the Nile for a day hike to Mu Gomba 3, 700 / 12, 139 feet:

At the Nile, with one more overnight stop as Mu Gomba, do not have good accommodation facilities and nice foods to serve. Most travelers stay at the Nile like we do because of a good lodge to stay with a variation of the food menu.

After breakfast as well as carrying simple packed lunch, start the day hike to our main highlight destination at Mu Gomba, an old interesting monastery of the region. The walk starts with a steep climb towards a high and dry country facing views of surrounding high peaks, and then slowly walk reaches Mu Gomba.

Enjoy a tour of the old and interesting monastery of Mu Gomba, which treasures antique important idols, statues, and relics. Mu Gomba is the highest spot on this trek around Tsum Valley. Taking a rest with an impressive tour of the monastery along with spectacular views of the high snow mountains of Ganesh HimalWalk back on the same scenic trail to Nile village on completing our sojourn at Mu Gomba the final destination of the adventure.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Nile, Distance: 4.9 Kilometer

Day 11 : Trek to Chumling, -06 hours:

After an exciting and wonderful time around Tsum valley, the return journey leads towards a lower elevation to react Chumling and back into tree lines along with green vegetation at Chumling village, for the last and final overnight around the Tsum Valley area.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Chumling, Distance: 15.5 Kilometer

Day 12 : Trek to Jagat village, -07 hours:

From here walk further down to a much warmer area, as our return journey retraces on the same trail to Lokpa, where the Manaslu valley route meets. As a walk gets easier on losing altitude within lush green vegetation and tree lines to reach our overnight halt at a nice village in Jagat.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Jagat, Distance: 19 Kilometer

Day 13 : Trek to Machha Khola, -06 hours:

A long day walk of more than six hours to reach further south following the Buri-Gandaki downstream crossing several bridges, with some refreshing stops, and past many rural farms, and villages to reach Machha Khola for the last overnight stop in the remote areas of Nepal Mid-West.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Accommodation: Teahouse Machha Khola, Distance: 19 Kilometer

Day 14 : Trek to Soti Khola and drive to Kathmandu, -8 / 9 hours:

Another long day today, to complete our marvelous adventure as an early morning last-day walk takes through a number of farm villages or take a bus drive to Kathmandu. Crossing bridges with short ups with more downhill towards low warm farm areas to reach back at Soti-Khola on the Roadhead. From here board a four-wheel-drive or similar transport for a long and exciting drive to Kathmandu to conclude our wonderful and mesmerizing adventure on Tsum Valley Trekking.

Meals: Lunch, Dinner, (Breakfast Kathmandu Hotel), Accommodation: Teahouse Machha Khola (Kathmandu Hotel,- we will manage if you request it), Distance: 150 Kilometers

Day 15 : Departure Day for International flight homeward bound:

On your last day in Nepal, enjoying a memorable adventure and experience on Tsum Valley Trek, as a time for your international flight our staff transfer you to the airport for homeward bound.

We trust you made some incredible memories with us. Thank you, and have a safe journey home.

Meal: Breakfast Included.


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