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Manaslu Larke-La pass Trek

Trip code MLPT-39
Package name Manaslu Larke-La pass Trek
Duration 17 Days
Max. elevation 5130 Meter
Transportation private Tourist vehicle / 4w Jeep as per the itinerary
Accomodation Three-star Hotel in Kathmandu; best Available teahouse Lodges on route trek.
Starts at Kathmandu
Ends at kathmandu
Trip route Kathmandu-Arughat Bazaar-Soti Khola-Machha-Khola-Jagat-Deng-Namrung-Lho-Gaon-Sama-Gaon-Samdo-Dharmasala-Cross Larke-La pass-Bhimthang-Tilje-Dharapani-Besisar-Kathmandu
Cost USD 1,458 per person



Manaslu Circuit Larke la pass Trek or Around Manaslu, an adventure that takes you to remote pockets of Nepal Mid-West Himalaya. Located within the district of Gorkha, but the mountains extend to Lamjung and some parts of the Manang districts. An enjoyable and scenic high altitude walk follows the old Trans Himalaya Salt Trade and caravan trail of Nepal to the Tibet border.

One of the main reasons the high country of Manaslu remained closed till it was opened in 1991. But remains a restricted area where foreign visitors, must obtain a special permit to enter high Manaslu Valley. 

Manaslu Larke La passes Trek since it flung its door open at present gaining much popularity among trekkers and adventurers. Those who are in search of new Himalayan destinations and Manaslu valley were the right choice due to its scenic landscapes. Including the immense culture of the local native interwoven to the age-old heritage of Buddhism religion heritage. Where travelers find the place fascinating exploring through lovely villages around Manaslu valley festooned with long prayer walls and monuments. The charm and beauty of Manaslu Circuit Trek, is traversing from one place to another crossing high Larke-La Pass.

Which is at the height of 5, 106 m / 16, 752 feet, offers a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountain range. The adventure begins with an exciting overland journey from Kathmandu to reach Nepal Mid-West around low warm heavily cultivated farm areas. Where walk takes you following the raging Buri-Gandaki River right up to its near-source at high Manaslu valley. That leads you from sub-tropical to cooler hills covered in beautiful woods of tall rhododendron, oaks, and pine trees. As route leads through lovely villages of Jagat, Philm to reach Lho-Gaon within high Manaslu valley. Where you can marvel at facing grand views of the Manaslu range of peaks with Ganesh Himal in the east direction.  

The name ‘Manaslu’ comes from ancient Sanskrit meaning the mind or soul of holy spirits. For Hindus and Buddhists, the Himalayas are an abode of gods and goddesses, in a local language, Manaslu is known as Kutang. A word of Tibetan origin language that is spoken by Manaslu villagers which means a great beautiful land or a haven.  Mt. Manaslu rises high as the world's 8th highest peak at an altitude of above 8,163 m or 26, 781 feet high, first ascent by the Japanese Expedition on May 6th, 1956. The view of Mt. Manaslu North Face is most impressive than the southern sides, as the walk leads to lovely farm villages of high Manaslu valley.
Where you can notice over the fields growing high altitude crops barley, buckwheat as well potatoes and some seasonal vegetables. Walk then reach from the lovely village of Lho to Sama Gaon, the main and large settlement of Upper Manaslu valley. Which is on route to Manaslu base camp, and to Tibet border, as well to Manang via Larke-La pass. We have allowed extra days to enjoy a short hike and excursion around this scenic valley and to explore the village.

Where you can get a glimpse of local culture and way of farm life in this harsh and dry country. But facing beautiful scenery as Sama-Gaon situated on the laps of high Manaslu with its adjoining peaks. Spending two nights at Sama-Gaon supports and helps trekkers to get acclimatized before heading towards high Larke-La Pass.

After Sama-Gaon on the high trail to reach the base of Larke-La Pass at Dharmasala, a place with moraine, rocks, and glaciers. Includes few lodges and guest-house to cater trekkers, next early morning a steep climb leads you on top Larke-La Pass. The highest spot of the adventure at 5, 106 m rewards with a stunning panorama of high snow mountains. Includes view some peaks of Annapurna, Himlung, Larke peak with a whole range of Manaslu as far towards Ganesh Himal in the east. Enjoying grand dramatic mountain scenery, where the pass festooned with hundreds of prayer flags as offering to mountain spirits and the pass.

From the top, a long descent takes you right at the very bottom back into green vegetation and woodland at Bhimthang. After achieving great success traversing high Larke-La Pass, an easy but long downhill to reach Manang areas in Dharapani village. Where route of the popular Annapurna and Manaslu circuit joins, which is also the end of our trek. On reaching Dharapani, enjoy a few hours of the exciting drive down to low and warm farm areas around Lamjung district at Besisara. A big town and headquarter of the district, and then on the road to Kathmandu. Where our wonderful journey completes, after an overwhelming adventure and experience on the Manaslu circuit trek.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival at Kathmandu via respective airlines and transfer to hotel:

On arrival in Kathmandu and Nepal International Airport via various international airlines, received by our guide and staff for short transfer in the heart of Kathmandu city. Where your hotel is located, after checking into your rooms, and then meet other members of the trip at the hotel lobby for briefing. The briefing includes important information regarding Manaslu Circuit Trek, to make your holiday in Nepal more enjoyable. The evening group welcomes dinner in a lovely Nepalese Restaurant with an introduction to the culture of Nepal with folk dance and music.

Day 2 : In Kathmandu free day for a sightseeing tour at places of interest:

A free day in Kathmandu preparation for the trek includes a sightseeing tour around Kathmandu valley at places of great historical and religious interest. The city is steeped with ancient world heritage sites, where the tour takes you around renowned landmarks, like the old Durbar / Palace Square with old Swayambhunath of more than 2,500 years old Stupa, a Buddhist religious monument. Includes holy Hindu temple of Pashupatinath and large dome stupa of Bouddhanath of great cultural and religious interest.

Day 3 : Drive to Soti Khola 700 m via Arughat Bazaar 550 m, -07 hrs:

Starting early morning after a hearty breakfast, board in a vehicle as to the size of a group, either in four-wheel drive or in a comfortable coach As drive lead on the main highway past many interesting towns and villages with farms areas to reach low warm areas of Gorkha district in Arughat. From here drive continues following Buri-Gandaki River upstream past paddy fields and terraces to reach Soti-Khola for the first overnight stop on the way to Tsum valley.

Day 4 : Trek to Machha-Khola 869 m, -06 hrs:

First-day walks begin after a long drive to Soti-Khola, a morning trek following the river into a steep valley, covered in thick forest with several small villages that dot the hillside. Walk follows to a wide valley opposite a tributary stream that joins with the Buri-Gandaki River. On walks facing lovely views of cultivated terraced of Lap-Besi upper village as route descends to a wide, sandy riverbed following a trail that meanders below a steep, craggy valley side. As adventure progress a slow steady climb to Machha Khola for an overnight stop. A small village with several teashops and a small lodge, Maccha Khola means a Fish Stream. The village is growing bigger as the motor roads reach Machha-Khola in a short time.

Day 5 : Trek to Jagat 1, 340 m -07 hrs:

After a first-day walk and overnight in Maccha-Khola village, the second day leads through interesting farm villages within nice As morning walk heads past Machha Khola (Fish Stream), where the name of the village derived and then towards upstream to reach Khola-Bensi village a place with Tatopani a natural 'hot spring'. The journey continues on a broad gravel field towards Lauri stream crossing over a bridge and then climbing on a high trail that leads to descending into an open valley of Yara Khola, as the trek continues for another hour to reach Jagat a nice hill village for an overnight stop.

Day 6 : Day 06: Trek to Deng 1, 860 m, -06 hrs:

From Jagat nice village with pleasant overnight, the morning starts downhill to long stone steps to reach the river, where our route climbs towards the terraced hillside of Saguleri. Enjoy views of Shringi Himal as the walk continues with ups and down to reach a bridge above the Buri-Gandaki River. Crossing over, where trail winds lead up to another large lovely village at Philm enriched with well-cultivated crop fields and terraces. From here past spread-out villages then climb to golden fields of wheat’s and barley to reach a rocky ridge top.

The area is covered with dense bamboo forest as a walk leads to a lonely place at Eklai Bhatti, which means a lonely Inn, at present, this small settlement has been overgrown with more shops and tea-houses. After a short rest head towards Deng, as slowly country and landscapes change entering into a gorge above Buri-Gandaki to reach at Deng, from here onward into more Buddhism strong culture of Tibetan influence.

Day 7 : Trek to Namrung 2, 630 m, -05 hrs:

Start the morning walk that leads to a cliff wall, after going through a dramatic area, the route follows past several farm villages, as more houses and landscapes become different with the touch of Tibetan Buddhism. After a few hours' walks coming across a moderate size farm village at Bih, from here onward the locals harvest buckwheat, wheat, barley, and potatoes as staple crops, since trekking gain popularity around the area, spinach, carrots, and cabbages are also grown. From here onwards air gets much cooler, the walk continues for another two hours to a steep-sided scenic valley, encountering prayer stone walls called Mani, and then walking to Ghap village for a possible lunch stop.

After Ghap altitude gains slowly, heading into coniferous tree lines as the trail meanders to climb over a steep hill to reach an open valley of extensive pasture land, and then cross an icy stream that flows straight from the glacier of Lidana peak. As the walk continues enjoy views of Manaslu, where the local name is Kutang Himal includes Pang Phuchin 6,335 m, Saula Himal 6, 235 m with several unnamed peaks above 6, 000 m high. Then uphill altitude gains slowly walk takes you past farm villages to reach Namrung for an overnight stop, the village also known as ShoNamru. Check into a nice simple lodge with the warm hospitality of the villagers.

Day 8 : Trek to Lho-Gaon 3, 180 m, -05 hrs:

From Namrung, after a good simple breakfast walk leads to spread-out farm fields, heading through Yak herder huts and shelters. From here walk enters into a high scenic valley to reach at Lho-Gaon one of the nice villages around Manaslu valley, staying here in this lovely place for an overnight stop. Where lodges are much better than Namrung and Deng, around Lho-Gaon enjoy close views of Mt. Manaslu North Face, with time to visit the village monastery with many Chorten and Mani walls with a grand view of Ganesh Himal in the east direction.

Day 9 : Trek to Sama-Gaon 3, 500 m, -06 hrs:

With a nice and pleasant stay in Lo-Gaon, from here morning walk heads on the gradual trail on entering the high scenic Manaslu valley, as trek leads to slow gentle climb facing grand views of Peak 29 that lies ahead, after few hours uphill then reach into a small woodland around Shala village. Offers view of Phungi, Manaslu and Himal Chuli. From here walk for a few hours further west to end the day on reaching Sama-Gaon village, with closest views of Mt. Manaslu.

Sama-Gaon village, one of the prime and largest settlements around Manaslu Valley, where local is mostly farmers cultivating buckwheat, barley the main crops that can grow on this high and harsh lands. As well raising livestock follows a similar way of traditional farm life like their Tibetan predecessor. Manaslu villagers are descended from South West Tibet with a history of more than 400 years old, where culture and custom link with ancient Buddhist heritage to its origin Tibetan ancestors. Manaslu villagers still trade and barter across the border in Tibet, which is a few days' walks to the frontier of Nepal and Tibet, as the old Trans Himalayan Salt Trade route passes through Sama-Gaon.

Day 10 : Acclimatization day at Sama-Gaon and local excursion:

A necessary rest day at Sama-Gaon and around this high altitude of above 3, 500 m to have a spare and easy time for acclimatization purposes. Where one can take a short hike around and climb a small hill to catch the best views of surrounding snow-mountains, as well explore the village and its old monastery of great religious and cultural interest.

Day 11 : Trek to Samdo 3, 860 m, -05 hrs:

After a wonderful rest day in Sama-Gaon, the adventure continues towards the last village of Gorkha district and Manaslu valley to reach Samdo. The morning starts with the slow climb as altitude slowly rises heading into dry and arid landscapes, walking at a slow pace taking a short break, and enjoying the beautiful views that surround the valley floor. Trek heads further North-West with a climb to reach Samdo, the last permanent settlement around high Manaslu valley. Quite a large village of more than fifty houses for about two hundred inhabitants. At Samdo check into a nice lodge, with free late afternoon for a short walk and rest before dinner, overlooking great scenery of surrounding peaks and hills.

Day 12 : Trek to Dharmasala 4, 480 m, -04 hrs:

From this village adventure from here heads closer to our another prime destination to cross high Larke-La Pass, as morning walk takes you to the end of Manaslu valley. After Samdo, trekking towards complete mountain wilderness enclosed within high snow peaks, where vegetation and tree lines stop crossing several icy streams on a rocky path to reach Dharmasala or Larke Phedi means the base of the pass. A place with few huts and shelters serves as a lodge and guest-house that can accommodate trekkers in tented camps with foods from the nearby lodge. Reaching Dharmasala by lunchtime as well for the last overnight around Manaslu valley within Gorkha district. Afternoon enjoys rest and marveling at the surrounding views.

Day 13 : Cross Larke-La pass and trek to Bhimthang 3, 720 m, -08 hrs:

Early morning starts to cover one of the longest days of this adventure, after breakfast and carrying pack-lunch for the day, head for a steep climb past a few huts of Dharmasala, as route, leads over the moraine of rocks and boulders past the ablation of Larke northern glacier, facing views of Cho-Danda and Larke peak, the climb continues with a long uphill slope to reach on top Larke-La marked with a board with the name and height of the pass. The top is festooned with Buddhist colorful prayer flags and offering with stone cairns enjoy rest and a stunning panorama of peaks that encircles the top.

The incredible scenery of Ganesh Himal towards the far-east, with peaks of Annapurna Himalayas views of the whole Manaslu mountain range, include Himlung Himal of Nar-Phu area, which is in Manang. From the top, a long descend to Larcia valley, walk heads further for another few hours on moraine ridge to Tambuche at 3, 900 m, to reach the bottom of the pass, from here on into Manang district, and back into tall tree lines as walk slowly reach you at Bhimthang for an overnight stop after a long, hard day of the adventure. Bhimthang with a number of lodges, located in beautiful surroundings with a wide green valley, the places marked with prayer Mani walls, surrounded by green tall trees of rhododendron-pines and oaks.

Day 14 : Trek from Bhimthang to Tilje 2, 300 m, -07 hrs:

From Bhimthang onward rest of the journey is much easier on a downhill with a few short uphills, as well as another long day to cover to reach the nice village of Tilje near Dharapani village. The morning starts facing views of peaks as the walk continues on a gradual path into dense tree lines. Walk into the beautiful forest to reach a small settlement at Gho for a lunch stop. Afternoon heading downhill to reach finally a lovely Tilje village in the district of Manang for the last overnight stop in the comfort of a nice lodge accommodation and good foods from the long list of menu.

Day 15 : Trek to Dharapani drives o Besisar 760 m 5 hours with walk/drive:

Today, the last day trek of the adventure, the morning of Tilije nice lodge a short walk with steep climb above to reach a large Dharapani village, the junction of Annapurna and Manaslu Circuit trail route. Located above Masrsyangdi River within the district of Manang. From here board in a vehicle made for the rough mountain road. Drive leads past Tal Besi, Chamje, and Jagat villages to enter Lamjung district after Manang and Manaslu area. Reaching into low warm farm areas to Besisar, a large town and headquarter of Lamjung district for an overnight stop in a nice tourist standard hotels, lodge, or guest-house. Herewith time to get refreshed and walk around the market of Besisar of great cultural interest, populated by Gurung, Magar, Tamang, and Hindu tribes of hill people

Day 16 : Drive from Besisar to Kathmandu, -05 hrs:

An interesting drive to Kathmandu on local or reserved transportation, as journey heads through farm villages and towns to reach Dumre on the main highway of Pokhara and Kathmandu. From here on the busy road following Trisuli River, a popular rafting river, as the drive heads up to the outskirt of Kathmandu valley. Drive continues reaching the city area of Kathmandu, and then back to your hotel after a marvelous experience and adventure on Manaslu circuit trekking with grand services of Hiker Himalaya guide and porters. Afternoon free for individual activities and shopping on the last day in Kathmandu and Nepal.

Day 17 : International Departure:

On your last day in Nepal, as a time for your international flight our staff transfer you to the airport for homeward bound, after an enjoyable adventure and great wonderful experience on Manaslu Circuit Trek.


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