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Langtang Gosaikunda and Helambu Trek

Trip code LGHT-32
Package name Langtang Gosaikunda and Helambu Trek
Duration 17 Days
Max. elevation 4545 Meter
Transportation private vehicle, Public bus as itinerary
Accomodation Three-star Hotel in Kathmandu; and tea house lodges during a trek
Starts at kathmandu
Ends at Kathmandu
Trip route Kathmandu-Syabrubesi-Lama Hotel-Langtang-Kyanjin Gompa-Lama Hotel-Thulo Syabru-Chandanbari-Sing Gompa-Gosainkunda-Ghopte-Laraubinaya-Thadepati-Tarke-Gyang-Sermathang-Melamchi-Pul Bazar-Kathmandu
Cost USD 1,186 per person



Langtang, Gosainkunda, and Helambu Trek, an adventure of great scenic and cultural country walk, around the north of Kathmandu. The nearest Himalayan Mountain Range from the capital of Nepal takes you to awesome and picturesque areas. Langtang, Gosainkunda, and Helambu Trek, allow trekkers an opportunity to immerse themselves within the lovely local cultures of native Tamang and Halo. The indigenous hill tribes of Central Himalaya include massive Langtang and Jugal Himal ranges of peaks. A scenic trek in the shade of giant snow peaks of Langtang Himal, exploring beautiful traditional farm villages. Festooned with Buddhist religious culture and custom of age-old heritage custom in the harmony of pristine natural surroundings.

The first part of the adventure takes you to the famous Langtang Valley at Kyanjin Gompa, a popular and fabulous trek. Begins with an exciting overland journey from Kathmandu to reach the starting point of the walk from Syabrubesi village. Located within the district of Rasuwa, also links to the border of Tibet / China at a mere distance of 76 km towards straight north, while our route diverts to the northeast on the scenic path to Langtang valley at Kyanjin. The route leads above into a beautiful dense forest of rhododendron, pines, and oaks with thick bamboo thickets. Which makes excellent habitation for the elusive Red Panda rarely seen on treks, which looks more like a raccoon.

As walking progress entering into a river gorge heading through Langtang village, then suddenly the shady area opens. Into a wide-open valley where the famous Kyanjin Gompa is located, enclosed within an array of high snow-clad peaks. Spending two overnights at Kyanjin for acclimatization before heading towards holy Gosainkunda and Laraubinaya-La Pass. Where one can hike to higher hills and ridges above Kyanjin on top Tserko-Ri and Kyanjin-Ri at 4,700 m. Great way to get acclimatized adding extra heights facing a breathtaking panorama of the snow mountain range of central Himalaya peaks. The mountains surround both sides of the valley, from here towards our next destination heading eastern areas of Langtang Himal.   

After an enjoyable moment around scenic Langtang valley, and around Tamang villages of great interesting Buddhist culture. The adventure takes you to higher ridges on explores the Tamang farm villages of Thulo Syabru and Sing Gompa. Walking into the beautiful cool shade of the coniferous forest, then tree lines stop for short bush and shrubs. As our route leads into an open well-exposed high country to reach holy Gosainkunda. The highest overnight stop at 4,460 m high before crossing over Laraubinaya-La Pass at 4, 609 m. Gosainkunda is one of the major and important pilgrimages and a holy spot for all Hindu religions. A place of great myth, Hindu followers believe that the glacial pond was created by Lord Shiva. When he drank a lethal poison to save the earth and earthly beings, spread by the devils.

Lord Shiva then with his mighty weapon a trident or Trisul struck on the ground. Desperately in need of freshwater to drink to dilute the poison, he consumed which formed into 108 ponds. At present exists fewer than dozen ponds around this sacred place, the main holy pond is Gosainkund. Where once a year in August, during Full Moon time known as Janai Purnima religious festival takes place. Thousands of devotees pay homage and take a dip and bathe in the icy pond. Believing that it relinquishes the sin of a thousand lifetimes, a great prayer and worship take place on this religious event. A great holy spot Gosainkunda to experience on this wonderful adventure, as trek slowly leads to other ends of Langtang region.

A steep climb towards the highest point of Laraubinaya-La Pass at 4, 609 m / 15, 100 feet high. But worth the climb facing alluring views of surrounding beautiful country landscapes, as walk leads to long descend. On reaching the bottom on a gradual trail back into lush green vegetation and tree lines with few short ups. To reach into Helambu area at impressive village of Tarke-Gyang, home of small hill tribe the Hyalmo people. A similar culture of Tamang and Sherpa is interwoven to the Buddhism religion, where one can witness nice houses with intricate Tibetan style design.

The area of Helambu is also famous for its delicious apples and craftsmanship, a great place to explore around the village. Including the old monastery Ama Yangri situated on top of the village, of great interest steeped with age-old traditional custom. After an impressive and wonderful time at Helambu, our adventure slowly comes to an end. Where walk leads to the last village of Helambu at Sermathang, an interesting village, and then on the drive to Kathmandu. A scenic drive towards the warmer low valley and then up to Dhulikhel, an old Newar town famous for sunrise and mountain panorama. From here a short drive brings you into the hustle, bustle busy city life of Kathmandu to complete our mesmerizing adventure on Langtang, Gosainkund, and Helambu Trek.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival at Kathmandu via respective airlines and transfer to hotel:

On arrival in Kathmandu and Nepal International Airport via various international airlines, received by our guide and staff for short transfer in the heart of Kathmandu city. Where your hotel is located, after checking into your rooms, and then meet other members of the trip at the hotel lobby for briefing. Regarding Langtang, Gosainkunda, and Helambu Trek, information includes other useful information to make your holiday in Nepal more enjoyable. The evening group welcomes dinner in a lovely Nepalese Restaurant with an introduction to the culture of Nepal with folk dance and music.

Day 2 : In Kathmandu free day for a sightseeing tour at places of interest:

A free day in Kathmandu preparation for the trek includes a sightseeing tour around Kathmandu valley at places of great historical and religious interest. The city is steeped with ancient world heritage sites, where the tour takes you around renowned landmarks, like the old Durbar / Palace Square with old Swayambhunath of more than 2,500 years old Stupa, a Buddhist religious monument. Includes holy Hindu temple of Pashupatinath and large dome stupa of Bouddhanath of great cultural and religious interest.

Day 3 : Drive to Syabrubesi village 1,420 m, -06 hours:

Start early as possible in the morning after breakfast, because of the long and scenic drive to reach high hills and mountainous areas of Langtang Himal. An interesting drive of little more than 6 hours, during the ride, observe Nepalese farm villages and towns. As drive reach you at the large town of Dhunche, located at 1, 950 m high. The headquarter town of Rasuwa district, as well as the entrance of Langtang National Park. From Dhunche on winding downhill to reach Syabrubesi village for an overnight stop, mostly inhabited by the indigenous Tamang, hill tribes of Langtang and Central Himalaya, interwoven to Buddhism religion and fascinating culture.

Day 4 : Trek to Lama Hotel 2, 380 m, -06 hours:

The first day trek of the adventure starts with a nice gradual path and then over a bridge above Langtang River, from here climb begins towards a higher area within spread-out farm villages with nice tended crops terraces. The walk continues past a small settlement of Bamboo with few tea houses and lodges, then into the lovely cool shade of dense forest lines with tall rhododendron magnolia-oaks and pines trees with thick bamboo stalks. Finally, the day ends on reaching open areas where Lama Hotel is situated with few simple lodges for an overnight stop, within forest surroundings.

Day 5 : Trek to Langtang Village 3, 480 m, -05 hours:

From Lama, Hotel morning starts with a slow climb into a river gorge covered with dense forest trail, after few hours reach a small place of Ghoretabela, a nice place in the middle of woods with few lodges around A possible lunch stop, from here the walk continues into the forest of fir, hemlocks, and rhododendron trees to reach an open area at Langtang village, the last permanent settlement before Kyanjin Gompa. Overnight in a nice lodge, the village is populated by Tamang the hill tribe of Langtang area, and central Himalaya as well on the suburb of Kathmandu valley. Here one can witness rock falls and landslide, where all houses were destroyed during the 2015 huge earthquake, many life was lost. At present, the villages slowly returning to normal as it was before the earthquake.

Day 6 : Trek to Kyanjin Gompa 3, 870 m, -04 hours:

Walk from Langtang village takes you on a level path with a short climb to reach an open area around Langtang valley, facing grand views of snow peaks as trek ends for the day on reaching Kyanjin Gompa for lunch and overnight stop.>A beautiful spot located in the heart of scenic Langtang valley, with time to browse around and catch glimpse herds of yaks grazing over the yonder

Day 7 : At Kyanjin Gompa with rest day for hike and excursion:

A great lovely place for a rest day, for acclimatization morning, after breakfast enjoys few hour hikes with options to high hills of Kyanjin-Ri or Tsego-Ri at above 4,600 m high. Where you can enjoy the grand panorama of Ghengu Liru (Langtang -II 6, 571 m / 21,560 feet), Langtang Lirung (7,425 m / 23,765 feet) Kimshun (6, 745 m / 22,137 feet), and Shalbachum (6, 918 m / 22, 699 feet) to the south, the Chimsedang Lekh. That forms a ridge lined with peaks of Naya-Kanga 5,846 m and Gangchempo, Tilman's beautiful Fluted Peak. The mountain continues beyond the Jugal Himal, terminating with Dorje Lakpa (6,980 m / 22, 929 feet) in the far east of the valley floor.

Day 8 : Trek back to Lama Hotel on the downhill ,-07 hours:

An enjoyable and wonderful time at Kyanjin within scenic Langtang valley, then depart from this beautiful location for our next adventure. The walk leads on the same exciting trail to Lama Hotel, past Langtang village and Ghoretabela as well back into a forested area. After a long day walk reaches at Lama Hotel for the last overnight around the west side of the Langtang area.

Day 9 : Trek to Thulo Syabru Village 1, 900 m, - 06 hours:

From Lama Hotel, on the same path for an hour as route diverts from a small settlement called Bamboo, after a short rest heading for a climb to a nice village of Thulo Syabru, also called Upper Syabru. A nice traditional Tamang village, located on a high ridge with an old monastery on top of the village, which is on route to Sing Gompa. At Thulo Syabru enjoy overnight in a simple lodge, with time to observe farm life and local culture of the impressive custom of the Tamang tribe.

Day 10 : Trek to Chandanbari / Sing Gompa 3, 330 m, - 05 hours:

The morning starts with a climb on leaving Thulo Syabru village and the monastery, uphill continues into the dense forest of tall rhododendron, oaks, magnolia, pines, and fir trees to reach a large grazing pastures field on a hilltop From here the walk is much pleasant into beautiful woodland to reach Sing Gompa also called Chandanbari, which means a sandalwood tree area. Check into a nice small lodge within this small village with several lodges and a guest house with an old monastery atop the lodge.

Day 11 : Trek to Gosainkunda 4, 460 m, - 05 hours:

Today's walk takes you to one of the major highlights of great religious importance to Gosainkunda. The morning route offers more views of the snow-clad peaks of Langtang and Ganesh-Himal towards the northwest with Manaslu and Annapurna range in the far west. The adventure leads with gradual up for an hour entering oaks, pines, and rhododendron forest. Enjoying brief stops with facing grand views, the walk continues with a climb uphill on leaving forest and tree lines behind for short, dwarf rhododendron, juniper shrubs, and bushes.

The path unwinds uphill passing through a few teahouses at Laurabina, which means a place with walking sticks, (an auspicious time in August with the full moon as per the Nepali Luna calendar, pilgrims visiting Gosainkunda for ritual bathe and dips where belief is, it delivers one into paradise and drink of its holy water relinquishes the sins of a hundred lifetimes. This is the spot where Hindu devotees leave their walking stick here, hence the name Laurabina. From the high ridge with short descend and then up reaching across Saraswati and Bhairab Kund, with the little climb, brings you at Gosainkunda within its holy pristine glacial pond.

One can witness some traces left behind by the pilgrims during the great festival event of Janai Purnima that falls in monsoon time of August, in a full moon day, where a large crowd of worshippers and pilgrims makes a hard trek to be in this sacred site dedicated to Lord Shiva and the creator of many ponds around.

Day 12 : Trek to Ghopte 3, 440 m crossing Laraubinaya- La,-07 hours:

Morning from Gosainkunda, gradual walk along the shore of a pond, and then climb to a small creek in between rocks and boulders, as walk leads close to small Surjakund pond, then with winding straight up to Gosainkund pass or East Laurabina La the highest spot of the adventure. From the top, enjoying tremendous scenery of rolling green hills and snow-capped peaks, then towards long downhill to reach at the bottom known as Phedi (bottom) at near 3,694 m. A small place with few teahouses, possible lunch stop and then walk continues heading east within Helambu area and back into green vegetation’s and tree lines of junipers, rhododendron and then reach at Ghopte (meaning overhanging rocks) for an overnight stop.

Day 13 : Trek to Thadepati 3, 650 m, -04 hours:

After being around the complete wilderness, walk from this small settlement where trails of Helambu and Kathmandu route joins; morning a short day trek with a pleasant walk into the forest for an hour, with an hour uphill to Tharepati 3, 650 m for an overnight stop as well reaching for lunchtime. A nice spot situated on a ridge overlooking views of peaks with Jugal Himal range and Ganesh-Manaslu towards west. Thadepati with few small lodges and shops to cater to the needs of travelers passing this route.

Day 14 : Trek to Tarke-Gyang 2, 743 m, -06 hours:

After overnight at scenic views point at Thadepati, start morning walk downhill through a lovely forest of rhododendron, pines, and oak trees for a few hours, as the walk continues further past several Sheppard’s huts to reach Melamchi Khola (stream), with a climb to Melamchi-Gaon for a lunch stop. A nice typical hill village enriched with Buddhist culture in the land of the Hyalmo tribe the major inhabitants of Helambu.

Afternoon walk of a few hours to reach the main village of Helambu at Tarke Gyang. Start with downhill to Melamchi River then cross over a suspension bridge, and then climb for an hour to Tarke Gyang village via Nakote village for an overnight stop. Take Gyang, a lovely village with well-built houses enriched with fascinating Buddhist culture, witness the wood carving on windows and doors on its nice houses. Afternoon explores the lovely village and the old monastery of Ama Yangri situated on top of the village.

Day 15 : Trek to Sermathang 2, 620 m, -05 hours:

From Tarke Gyang walk on a nice pleasant path through the cool forest past many Chorten (Buddhist prayer monuments), to reach at Gangyul a small village, then on a winding trail facing views of beautiful landscape to reach at Sermathang for the overnight stop, another lovely village of Helambu with time to visit an old interesting monastery.

Day 16 : Trek and drive to Kathmandu via Melamchi-Pul Bazar, -05 hours:

After a great marvelous time around Helambu within its green surroundings with impress culture, morning a short walk and then board on a vehicle for a few hour drive to Kathmandu, as drive leads through Melamchi-Pul Bazaar a large town. Drive continues towards high hills at Dhulikhel, an old Newar town with a grand panorama of Himalayan peaks, then on an interesting highway to reach Kathmandu. On reaching Kathmandu, check-in at your hotel with time in the afternoon for individual activities and shopping.

Day 17 : Departure Day for International flight homeward bound:

Your last day in Nepal, enjoying a memorable adventure and experience on Langtang, Gosainkunda, and Helambu Trek, then time for your international flight. Our staff transfers you to the airport for homeward bound.


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