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Culture and outdoor Tour in Nepal

 Culture and outdoor Tour in Nepal 

Culture and outdoor Tour in Nepal, one of the most fascinating places to visit around the country, blessed with glorious history and an impressive culture to experience. Besides adventure tourism in Nepal, a sightseeing tour is another great way to enjoy the harmony of age-old traditional heritage. Where one can spend a day to a full week or more exploring great historical, religious, and cultural sites of great arts and architectural wonders. Nepal Tour offers a wide range of beautiful and enchanting destinations to visit in the comfort of nice lodges and mountain/jungle resorts. Where one can spend overnights from basic tourist standards to luxury deluxe hotels in the backdrop of the high Himalayan Mountain range. 

Nepal is an amazing country where two great religions Hinduism and Buddhism blends in perfect harmony. Where you can witness temples and monasteries located at close distances and locals enjoying both cultures with great respect. Most ancient monuments of religious and historical places are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Where Kathmandu valley, three cities are excellent examples, Kathmandu-Patan / Lalitpur and Bhaktapur steeped with ancient heritage. Most people around the world are unaware that Nepal is the origin of magnificent tiers of pagoda roofed architecture. Which flourished around the world especially in China, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries. A great contribution to the world of fine arts and craftsmanship that started from Nepal by great artist Arinko, he was sent on a project to build a golden stupa in Tibet, where he also initiated into monkhood. From Tibet, he traveled further to North China to work in the court of the emperor by then Kublai Khan, in 1280.

Where Arinko brought the Nepalese artistic tradition to China, which one can see all over the world of agricultural wonder of the pagoda. Various places for a tour in Nepal from low land jungles to enjoy a wildlife safari, to cooler Mountains for a stunning sunrise. That reflects on an array of Himalayan peaks and visit the historical site of Lumbini, the birth-place of Lord Buddha. One can travel and stay in local towns and villages to enjoy local traditional culture with home-stay programs. Wide range of opportunities to explore and immerse within Nepal's dramatic landscapes and get a taste of the country’s impressive culture.

Following places of great interest for Nepal Tour:

Most tour in Nepal begins from the capital Kathmandu, the main commercial hub a melting pot of various culture. The only city in the world, where Hindu and Buddhism religion exists together in peaceful and friendly harmony.


The main arrival to Nepal by international flight is reaching in the first place, are Kathmandu and its adjoining cities. Located on a valley surrounded by a tier of green hills, facing mighty snow-capped peaks in the north. It consists of three main cities of great historic and cultural interest: Kathmandu, Lalitpur / Patan, and Bhaktapur (Bhadgaon), Kathmandu Valley with an area of 565 sq. km or 218 sq. miles, and above 1,336 m from sea level. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. 

HANUMAN DHOKA (Durbar Square with old Royal palace):

Begins the guided tour in Kathmandu visiting, a large palace square the historic seat of the past Royal Monarch. The square, with old temples and palaces, epitomizes the religious and cultural life of the Nepalese. Where many late Kings of Nepal were crowned. Taleju Temple was built by King Mahendra Malla in 1,549 A.D. gigantic figure of KalBhairav, the God of Destruction. Basantpur Durbar or Nautalle Durbar, built by King Prithivi Narayan Shah. Coronation Platform (Nasal Chok ). Hall of Public audience (GaddiBaithak) Statue of King Pratap Malla-Big Bell-big Drums and Jaganath Temple. 

TEMPLE OF KUMARI (The Living Goddess):

The temple is well a residence of the Living Goddess; known as Kumari, located within Hanuman Dhoka Palace: The house of Kumari with intricate carved wooden balconies and window screens. It was built by Jaya Prakash Malla, the last Malla King of Kathmandu. The Kumari Goddess is also known as the virgin Goddess. She is replaced after reaching puberty period.


One of the world's most glories Buddhist stupa known to be more than 2,500 years old, often called the "Monkey Temple". Due to a large number of Rhesus monkeys inhabiting its green small forts. The stupa forms the main structure with a pinnacle copper gilt. Painted four sides of the spire are the all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. Located just 3 k.m. west of Kathmandu city, perched on a hillock about 7 m high above the valley floor. Where visitors can enjoy a view of Kathmandu city with snow-capped peaks in the north on a clear day.


Tour of Pashupatinath Hindu temple of Lord Shiva, situated 5 k.m. east of Kathmandu city on the banks of holy Bagmati River, a two-tiered golden roof with four silver doors. It is a superb architecture and a center of yearly pilgrimage on the day of Maha Shivaratri (Birth Anniversary of Lord Shiva). Non-Hindu visitors can observe the temple and religious activities on the opposite side of a river.


Close to Pashupatinath Temple, located a famous stupa of Bouddhanath, just 8 k.m. east of the city, An ancient stupa of more than 600 years old; as well one of the biggest in the world, facing all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. It is said to have been built by Lichchhavi King Mana Dev in the 5th A.D. It is built on an octagonal base inset with prayer wheels. The area around is also known as ‘Little Tibet’, due to a large number of Tibetan-origin people and Buddhist followers that reside around. After a day tour of Kathmandu, one can extend to Dakshinkali Temple, situated south of the city suburb, as well visit Narayanthan Temple of Lord Shiva on sleeping positions lying on a bed of serpents within a pool.


Patan / Lalitpur & Bhaktapur:

Nepal Tour extends to the nearest city of the capital to Patan or Lalitpur, the name means city of fine arts and crafts. Tour takes you around its beautiful location at old Durbar Square, steeped with historical and religious monuments of great historical and architectural wonders, and observe the local colorful culture nearby markets of great interest. From Patan / Lalitpur short drive heading east to Bhaktapur takes you back into medieval times, explores its beautiful old palace courtyard. Including other wonderful beautiful monuments the palace of 55 windows, magnificently carved peacock windows, golden gates, and the famous Nytapola Temple. After a tour of Bhaktapur heads towards Changunararyan Temple, the oldest Hindu shrine dates back to the 4th Century, a pagoda-style golden roofed. Interesting old town to observe the old traditional life of the locals with grand views of Kathmandu valley.


Another exciting Nepal Tour is to enjoy the green high hills within Kathmandu valley. Where one can witness glorious sunrise and sunsets that reflect over towering Himalayan snow-mountain range in the comfort of luxury hotels and resorts.

Nagarkot Hill:

Located above east of Kathmandu valley rim near Bhaktapur city, at the height of 2,100 m. A hill town is famous for stunning sunrise and sunsets with a panorama of Central and Mid-Eastern Himalaya range with distant views of Mt. Everest.

Dhulikhel Hill Town:

Located 30 km east from Kathmandu city an hour scenic drive past Bhaktapur, a chance to observe rural farm life. Dhulikhel is an old Newar town of more than 500 years old, famous for sunrise and sunsets with a wide range of snow-mountains. Where visitors can observe right from your hotel and resorts, an interesting town to explore and catch local culture. Combine the tour with a visit to holy Namobuddha, located close to Dhulikhel within a tranquil surrounding, a famous holy site for Buddhist followers.

Beyond Kathmandu Valley: 

Gorkha-Bandipur and scenic Pokhara:

Besides Kathmandu valley cities, other places beyond the capital are interesting to visit and to experience Nepalese traditional heritage. Where few-hour drive takes you to enjoy a ride on a cable car to reach the famous temple of Mankamana. Observe Hindu devotees on a pilgrimage, and then head to the historical town of Gorkha. Explore the old Shah Dynasty palace-fortress above the town. Where King Prithivi Narayan Shah in the 17th Century, started the conquest of the country's different smaller kingdoms and unified into a single nation to one big country Nepal. 

Enjoy a tour of Gorkha Bazaar and extend the journey to Bandipur, a town on a hilltop. Facing views of Manaslu, Lamjung Himal, and Annapurna Himalaya Mountain range, staying overnight in a nice cottage-type lodge, a place with Home-Stay. Here you can witness a socio-cultural diversity of ancient Newari Hill-town, untouched by modernization with ancient brick houses, temples of great significance. The architecture of medieval times includes other hill tribes Magar, Gurung, Brahmin, Chetri, all caste and creeds contribute cultural diversity of the region.

Tour extends to Pokhara, a scenic and renowned touristic city with the backdrop of Annapurna and Manaslu Himalaya range of peaks. There are all nice hotels situated by the beautiful Phewa Lake. While in Pokhara enjoy a short drive scenic Sarankot hill-top, a famous viewpoint for a stunning sunrise over an array of Himalayan peaks. Includes Mt. Dhaulagiri- Mt. Annapurna to Mt. Manaslu with views of Pokhara valley and the city. Sarankot is a popular spot for Adventure sports like Para-Gliding and Zip Flyer as well. Tour takes you to famous places view of Seti River Gorge, flows right into a deep a narrow gorge. Visit David / Devi or Pathle Chhago Water Falls and the Gupteshwor large cave with a shrine of Lord Shiva. Rest of the day relax and marvel at amazing views of Annapurna and Machhapuchare Himal the famous Fish-Tail peak. Pokhara is a must-visit destination while you plan a trip to Nepal, where most adventure and trekking starts and ends on this beautiful spot.

Nepal Tour Extension Destinations:

With time for more days, one can visit far south-west to Lumbini, a visit on the land where Lord Buddha was born. One can reach by the overland journey of more than 8 hours, or take a swift scenic flight of less than an hour. Lumbini is a place not only for Buddhist followers where all travelers can enjoy being on ancient sites within historical monuments. 

The next destinations where one can enjoy a wildlife safari in the dense tropical jungles of Bardiya and Chitwan National Parks. A great way to spend a few days riding on an elephant on the lookout for rare mammals. Like Royal Bengal Tiger and Rhinoceros with other elusive animals and exotic bird-life, staying in nice hotels and jungle resorts.

Nepal Tour also offers trips for Hindus and Buddhism to famous pilgrimage places around cities, towns, or around high Himalaya destinations. As well as short country walks and hikes where you can stop for a few days in village Home Stay huts with the warm hospitality of the locals. Nepal Tour for all seasons, depending upon your choice of destinations.

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